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Confident: Boost Your Self Esteem, Bridge the Self Confidence Gap, and Finally Stop Struggling by best-selling author Ric Thompson contains proven steps and strategies for how to improve your confidence, boost your self-esteem, and start believing in yourself so that you can live the life you know you deserve.

If there is one thing that every successful entrepreneur, leader, athlete, or anything else shares, it is a rock-solid belief in themselves and their ability to succeed. This book will help you go from wherever you are now to this kind of confidence without struggle, even if you don't think that's possible right now.

Thompson provides valuable insights into understanding, creating, and maintaining the level of self-confidence you need in order to manifest your dreams.

You will learn:

How to evaluate your confidence levels right now - in all areas of your life so you can focus in on areas that will make the biggest impact
How your beliefs affect your confidence, and how to change the limiting ones to give you a boost; yes it is possible to change those beliefs - even if you've had them for years
The importance of self-talk and how to change the content of that self-talk to boost your confidence and stop the broken record of self-doubt and low self-esteem
The role other people play in your self-confidence, and how to short circuit their negative feedback loops
Techniques and tips for gaining more confidence, accepting praise, and moving effortlessly toward your goals
Strategies for retaining and maintaining your confidence without struggle

By helping you get in touch with your current confidence level, guiding you through an examination of your current beliefs, and encouraging you to question how those beliefs are affecting your confidence, this book gives you an understanding of where your confidence is weak and how to make it strong - for good!

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March 31
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