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In less than 60 minutes of listening to this audiobook, you will have heard the original United States Constitution. This lecture was given live at Harvard. It provides an immediacy not available in sound studios.
To improve your understanding of the Constitution, we have included original readings and commentary related to this subject, such as the drafting and ratification of the Constitution, the historical influences on the Constitution, and the Anti-Federalists.
This information will furnish you with original source material, giving you a fuller understanding of the context and events surrounding the Constitution. Whether you are doing a book report for school or just want to brush up on your American history, this is a great place to start. The 9 tracks include:
1. Introduction to the Constitution and the time period when it was created.
2. Timeline from the Founding of the Country to the Constitution.
3. Drafting and Ratification.
4. James Madison: the Primary Author of the Constitution.
5. Historical Influences Upon the Constitution: Past and Present.
6. Reading of the Constitution and Amendments.
7. Simply Notes.
8. Simply Discussion.
9. Summary.
These tracks include the actual reading of the Constitution, something few people have read and even fewer heard. The author discusses the timeline, drafting, and ratification issues; James Madison, the author and fourth president; historical influences on this document; additional notes to consider; and discussion topics for schools, essays, and conversation. This is a must listen for students of Americana, and is a companion to US Bill of Rights by the same author and publisher.
This product is part of the Simply Magazine Great Thought series, which emphasizes short readings so you can spend your valuable time thinking about the subjects, with time to re-listen to these original works.

Deaver Brown
hr min
October 25
Simply Magazine Inc.

Customer Reviews

Aumlove ,

U.S. Constitution

Awesome! The reading is less than 40 minutes, yet it encompasses all that is ideal! Very wonderful service rendered. Thank you!

libscantdebate ,

What might have been

What a beautiful document.
I always laugh when I hear "antiquated " document or interpret the constitution.
I didn't realize you needed to interpret something written in plain English which is why it's dead.
Far too many interpreters that try to make it say what they want it to say and as far as antiquated goes it's quite clear that they wrote it to protect us from servitude under a corrupt government. Human nature never changes which makes this document timeless it's just too bad there isn't a government that's actually constrained by it.

Carol9963 ,



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