Consumed: The Hunger, Volume 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and dissected by three rivers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an idyllic city. It's quiet, the traffic is nonexistent, and floating down the Allegheny River on a boat is peaceful and serene.

It's long as you can ignore the mindless monstrosities roaming the streets, vampires ruling the night, and the insane, power-hungry human survivors. Mankind has devolved, mutating into mindless horrors. Only weeks ago, they built skyscrapers and traveled to space. Now they attack anything with flesh, driven by the never-ending desire to consume.

Lance York, and his unlikely companion Cass, have survived the apocalypse. Much to their surprise, that was the easy part. They've fled the city, struggling to find food and shelter, fighting against the nightmarish infected and the militant living, willing themselves to endure through each day.

The world has collapsed, but the fight has just begun.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Wayne June
hr min
June 12
Jason Brant

Customer Reviews ,

I have listened to book 1 and 2 twice

If you liked “Slow Burn” by Bobby Adair and “Mountain Man” by Keith C. Blackmore you are going to love this series.

Recap from Devoured (book 1). Lance, (a down on his luck, out of work and demoralized man) tried to help a deranged woman walking down the street. He got hit by a car trying to save her. Wakes up in the hospital. The hospital was crawling with, blood thirsty flesh eating, monsters. Managing to escape, with the help of Doctor Emmett Brown, Lance made it back to his apartment. That was an easy day, it got worse.

Consumed (Hunger Book 2)

Lance, Cass, Doc Brown, and Eifort are still on the river. The have decided to stay in the boat as long as they can. Making short trips into towns for supplies. However, the Minuteman leader, Ralph, has other ideas. He wants Lance dead so he sends a man to bomb the boat. They all survive the sinking boat but lose most of their supplies. Opting to maneuver through the flesh eating monsters, vampires and power hungry humans, they find a vehicle and decide to try for Greensburg. Lance, Cass and the others strive to survive each day – one hour at a time. You will have to find out the rest for yourself. I think this book is even better than the first one.

I really love this series. I have listened to book 1 and 2 twice. When Lance met Cass the real fun started. The banter between them is so funny. It’s the comic break needed in this type of story. She is constantly amazing him with her skills. She is a vampire slaying Zena, with a double edged ax. He loves it.

The pace is fast; the action and violence will keep you on the edge of your seat. You “need” to turn the page to find out what happens next. There are a lot of surprises in this installment. You won’t want to miss out. I hope book 3 comes out soon. Perhaps there will be answers to who/what/where the virus came from, perhaps the “vladdies” (vampires) will die out from lack of human blood and perhaps we’ll see who is behind the flying jets that grace the sky occasionally.

Wayne June is doing his superb rendition of reading again. I could listen to him for hours. Wait, I do listen to him for hours. He has that kind of voice and he really gets into his characters.
Wayne June and the production team are great together. Excellence shows.

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