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In the first full-scale biography of Calvin Coolidge in a generation, Robert Sobel shatters the caricature of our 30th president as a silent, do-nothing leader.

Sobel instead exposes the real Coolidge, whose legacy as the most Jeffersonian of all 20th-century presidents still reverberates today. Sobel delves into the record to show how Coolidge cut taxes four times, had a budget surplus every year in office, and cut the national debt by a third in a period of unprecedented economic growth.

Though his list of accomplishments is impressive, Calvin Coolidge was perhaps best known and most respected by his contemporaries for his character. Americans in the 1920s embraced Coolidge for his upstanding demeanor, which came as a breath of fresh air after the scandal-ridden administration of Warren G. Harding. The sleaze that characterizes much of American political life today was absent in the Coolidge administration.

Charles Bice
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September 20
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GalacticaLover ,

Oh the lies I learned in school

Calvin Coolidge wasn't just great, he was a great wit as well. iTunes audiobooks are great because I'm finally getting an education free from teacher's unions, leftists, and Dims. I was taught that Coolidge was a do-nothing hole in the history of US Presidents. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All he did was lower taxes five out of six years (he left them the same one year), increase tax revenue every year, decrease unemployment every year, decrease the national debt every year, and increase prosperity of the nation every year. What else do you want? Here was the perfect Jeffersonian president. If everything is running well, we don't need more legislation. Wow. A very short, very insightful book. If you want to see how a president should act read/listen to this now. Next election, I hope desperately that we get another Theodore Roosevelt, but I'll settle for another Calvin Coolidge any time, especially now.
PS: I recently saw a video of Robert Reich, one of President Clinton's Cabinet members, telling an assembly of people that cutting taxes on the rich has never resulted in more jobs, quote, "it's a lie." Well, here's the proof that it isn't a lie. Coolidge did it regularly and spectacularly.

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