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From Gerry Spence, one of America’s greatest trial attorneys and the New York Times bestselling author of How to Argue and Win Every Time, comes an explosive courtroom thriller of murder, passion, and the twists and treachery of law and justice.

Lillian Adams is going on trial for the murder of her wealthy husband before Judge John Murray, to whom she has been like a daughter since childhood. Despite this long, shared history, both the prosecutor and defense attorney agree that Murray should sit on the case, and Murray himself knows he must. For he believes that if he steps down and another judge is appointed, there will be little hope for Lillian. The prosecutor is a sadistic psychopath who will pervert the law to convict Lillian and do everything in his power to hurt Judge Murray. And Murray must save Lillian.

Gerry Spence takes listeners through shocking twists and suspenseful courtroom scenes that only the great maestro of the courtroom himself could create. Court of Lies goes beyond being a great legal thriller. It questions the very basis of our legal system and its ability to discover the truth and deliver justice.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Adam Grupper
hr min
February 19
Macmillan Audio

Customer Reviews

J. Klemp ,

Court of Lies, by Gerry Spence.

Absolutely outstanding. Highly recommended. Only someone as brilliant as Gerry Spence could write this. And this audiobook is narrated beautifully.
I’m a trial lawyer. Mr. Spence’s character development is excellent. The antagonist here, Sewell, is a character I recognize in my practice. I strongly recommend this book for all lawyers. Lawyers will enjoy it immensely.
Non-lawyers are assured the trial scenes in this book are the best they’ll hear. It’s obvious Mr.Spence drew upon his decades of trial work to bring the courtroom drama to life.
Really, I can’t express how much I recommend this audiobook. I listen to a great number of audiobooks and haven’t heard one this good in years. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Mr. Spence.


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