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Fiona Steele has a great career, strong friendships, and a loving family. To an outsider, her life appears happy and fulfilling. But the one thing that's missing is true love, and the only man Fiona wants is the one she can't have, sinfully handsome and seductively intense Jake Braden - the man whose heart she broke, which she has regretted ever since.

As an LA stuntman, Jake Braden's at the top of his game. He's hired for all the best movies, hooks up with the hottest women, and lives an unencumbered lifestyle where his needs come first - and where he doesn't have to examine his life too closely. Except when he visits his family in his close-knit hometown of Trusty, Colorado, where he spends his time avoiding Fiona - the only woman who knows who he really is.
When Fiona's best friend is hired to act in Jake's movie, Fiona jumps at the chance to try to win him back. There's no denying the white-hot attraction burning between them. With every encounter, Fiona hopes Jake can't resist falling back into the love they once shared. But her well-orchestrated rendezvous doesn't go over well with the brooding heartthrob. Living in the fast lane is perfect for a guy who's buried his emotions so damn deep he's not sure he can remember how to feel - and he's not sure he ever wants to.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
June 21
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

LynnZ1234 ,

Another Great from Melissa Foster

I received this audiobook free for an honest review. Again, Melissa does not disappoint. I was looking forward to this book because it is the last of the Braden boys to find true love. Fiona and Jake were an item in their younger years. Fiona made a mistake of breaking it off with Jake. He never recovered. Move the clock a few years and they are both settled in their careers in different states. However, their love never really died. This is a great feel good and second chance romance. The narrator did a great job with the charaters and their personalities. He hits the nail on the head with both Fiona and Jake.

ajmeyer1966 ,

Jake and Fiona

Jake and Fiona were high school sweethearts with big plans for the future until Fiona's mother convinces her to break things off with Jake. As the years past, neither have forgotten about the other. Jake is now a stuntman and Fiona followed her dream and become a geologist. When Fiona's friend Trish is starting in a move that Jake is also a part of, Fiona decides to put her career on hold to pursue Jake and beg for a second chance.

Will Jake be able to forgive Fiona for breaking his heart to find the HEA he's always wanted with her, or will he continue to live his carefree live commitment free?

Another great one by Melissa!

Isha C. ,


A match made in heartache, could be a love worth fighting for. Foster and Harrison team up once again to perfectly play a melody of the heart. Crashing into Love brings an old love full circle. Jake and Fiona are learning how to begin againafter years of bitterness and anger. What seems to be an uphill battle becomes a whirlwind of a romance. Secrets will be reveled. Hearts are almost broken. Yet somehow love finds a pathway to a new beginning. Foster manages to create a story that anybody who has loved and lost can relate to. Harrison parlays that emotion into a journey of sentimentality and second chances that will remain in our hearts for years to come.

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