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She’s not just my ex-girlfriend. She’s my new coworker. 

I knew Lucy Dillard was "The One" the first time I met her. Yes, I’m enough of a sap to believe in love at first sight. When I fell for Lucy, I fell hard. Everything was great between us - until the moment she dumped me.

Now I just want to forget about her. Instead, I’m stuck staring at her face all day. But I need this job, so I’ll find a way to be civil and professional.

There’s just one small problem: I’m nowhere close to being over her.

First, we were lovers. Then enemies. Now we’re trying to work together. 

I didn’t set out to break Tanner King’s heart, but you know what they say about the road to hell.

I’ve got too many responsibilities and no room in my life for love. I can deal with Tanner’s resentment until he starts working at the desk directly across from mine. Obviously, a truce of some kind is required. We’re both grownups. We can handle this situation like professionals.

There’s only one thing threatening this fragile peace we’ve negotiated: all these inconvenient feelings I apparently still have for him.

Cream and Punishment is book two in the King Family series set in the small town of Crowder, Texas, home of the King’s Creamery ice cream company. Each book is a stand-alone, full-length contemporary romance that follows one of the six King siblings as they find and fight for love.

Chris Brinkley, Amanda Stribling
hr min
January 18
Susannah Nix

Customer Reviews

RellimReads ,

Tanner & Lucy

This is book 2 in Susannah Nix’s King Family series. While this is Tanner & Lucy’s complete story, there are a few events and some family information that makes this best enjoyed after book 1, My Cone and Only. As such this review may contain spoilers to that book.

I enjoyed Tanner and Lucy’s second chance romance. They’d only split 6 months ago – but when work brings them together again, they both realize they had vastly more to learn about each other. Much of it is how much they actually have in common dealing with manipulative parents and struggles with forging their own futures.

The King family patriarch strikes again (I won’t ruin the shocking revelation) and the only good thing I can say about the man is that it definitely brings his kids closer together.

I was again tickled at all the Texas references (HEB and any business being named “Post Oak”) giving me warm fuzzies.

While it was a little painful, fortunately Nix didn’t torture them too long, Lucy & Tanner both learn to stand up for themselves and find their HEA. Lots of updates on the family, including Wyatt & Andie, as well as more page time for Ryan, Josie, and Nate. Speaking of Ryan! Nix teases his book in the epilogue and I’m beyond excited for his story, Pint of Contention.

I’m thrilled Amanda Stribling and Chris Brinkley are at the helm again. They’re a perfect match for Nix’s writing and complement each other well. So easy to get lost in these characters.

Gesnaughts ,

Sweet Small-Town Romance

“Being surrounded by books always makes me feel better. It’s like being wrapped in a soft blanket covered with words.”

The King family drama continues in Cream and Punishment by Susannah Nix. Book two in the King’s Creamery series, Cream & Punishment is a small-town, second-chance romance. Although the pace of the story lagged a bit for me in the middle, I enjoyed this sweet love story. Tanner was the kind, charming, gentlemanly guy Lucy didn’t think she deserved. Lucy is the one he fell hard for and the one who got away. Tanner freakin’ King is the definition of a cinnamon roll book boyfriend. Despite the awkwardness of working with their exes, Lucy and Tanner fall quickly into a workplace camaraderie. Though Lucy left him heartbroken years before, his chivalry and kind-hearted nature remained untarnished. In their fledgling friendship, Lucy and Tanner were able to support each other through their toxic familial relationships.

Chris Brinkley and Amanda Stribling continue the King’s Creamery series with another terrific narration. Chris is perfectly cast as the even-tempered, romantic, cinnamon roll Tanner. Amanda embodies Lucy, the introverted, beautiful, enchanting book worm. This narrator duo pulls you into the dramatic world of King’s Creamery and brings Susannah’s words to life with their well-balanced, lovely storytelling styles.

DarcyLovesLiza ,

3.5 ⭐️s - a sweet romance, but not without flaws…

Nix’s second story in the King Family series is good; I enjoyed Tanner and Lucy as a couple. He’s looking to build a family because his is a bit dysfunctional. Lucy also has family struggles, but this cause her to want to avoid attachment at first. Their first time around, she ran from his feelings. The second times, they’re more evenly matched because they actually come to know each other more meaningfully. Following their relationship through the growing pains was satisfying. I love that Tanner is literature guy (he has a cat named Radagast ❤️!) and that that love helped him find a meaningful career path. It was also sweet how he and Lucy shared a bibliophile connection.

One downside for for me was that I felt the story could have been shorter. I understand that the King family drama has to build to play out in other books, but it didn’t always work for me here. I was much more interested in the Lucy’s frustrations with her manipulative mother rather than Tanner’s with is blowhard of a father. The saving grace of the Kings is the connections between this siblings, which was something I did enjoy.

The narrator performances were a mixed bag. Chris Brinkley does his usual excellent work; I’ve adored him since the Penny Reid’s Winston Bros series. He is perfectly cast as Tanner, not only in terms of his voice fitting the setting, but his delivery is always so thoughtful and he makes characters that much more genuine. I cannot say the same for Amanda Stribling. She is a new narrator to me and sadly,so far I am not a fan. While I suppose her voice fit the character in some ways, I found her cadence and tone grating. Maybe it’s a voice I have to adjust to, but I don’t know that I want to. Narrator preference is very much a matter of personal taste and she just isn’t to mine.

Overall, the story is enjoyable and I do recommend it, just maybe listen to Tanner’s chapters and read Lucy’s?

I received a review copy via Home Cooked Books. All opinions are my own.