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"If it's a war she wants, I'll damn well give her one."

Kiri Helena Solene may have gotten her Mate back, but that was just the beginning. The battle lines have been drawn and her nemesis has already struck the first blow.

Surrounded by her Circle, Helena's power continues to grow. However, this time power alone will not be enough. To save the Chosen Helena must seek out the Forsaken to forge new alliances with those long forgotten by her kind.

But will they be friend or foe? After centuries of neglect is it too late to mend the wounds of time?

Rowena will stop at nothing to prove that Elysia and the Chosen are hers. With Elysia on the brink of destruction, it's time for all of the Chosen to remember who, and what, they are

Their fate depends on it.

Contains mature themes.

Noelle Bridges
hr min
March 12
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

Izzibear ,

Marvelous Addition To The Series!

I loved Crown of Embers. In this part of Helena, Von and their circles journey things are definitely challenging. They are forced to think outside the box to come up with a way to out smart and defeat Rowena, all while grieving the loss of those they dearly loved.

Helena and Von have so much love and devotion for each other. It’s apparent in everything they do. In the way they lend strength, give encouragement & support, their soothing touches and playful banter with one another. It’s both beautiful and touching in a story riddled with sadness and turmoil.

Their journey takes them into the unknown in hopes of making allies where one would least expect. With the threat of an impending attack looming and time quickly running out it’d be easy to lose oneself to despair and yet our hero’s stand strong.

“But even in the darkness, there is always the chance for light, for hope. We are that hope. It is our choices, the ones we are faced with every day, that will bring color into the world or leave it in darkness. I choose to bring light.”


Meg Anne has a very talented way with words. The different regions she created for Helena, Von and the Circle to travel to are amazing and beautiful. Her descriptions made it easy to visualize them and in my mind create a “movie” to go along with the story.
This is definitely a story worth listening to!

Joe Kessler ,


The brilliant and imaginative world Meg Anne creates just keeps getting better and better.
I loved getting to travel all over Elysia with Kiri and her circle as they work to rally support before they go up against Rowena in battle.
Rowena continues to play her part as the corruptor and oppose Helena. I loathe that her goal was to break the circle through this whole book.
I loved getting to see more about the keepers and the prophecies, the people of the realms, especially Talyria. As they travel to each people group, we get to see more of the Kiri’s power and get to really know the different characters. I’m becoming more and more attached to each of them and I’m a little nervous to see what plays out in book 4!
Noelle does a great job voicing the characters and helping to bring the characters in the world of The Chosen to life! I don’t think I will ever be able to read the books now without hearing Noelle’s voice.
If you love paranormal fantasy with steamy scenes, lots of adventure and a strong female lead, you will love the Chosen Series!