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The innovative investor’s guide to an entirely new asset class—from two experts on the cutting edge

With the rise of bitcoin and blockchain technology, investors can capitalize on the greatest investment opportunity since the Internet. Bitcoin was the first cryptoasset, but today there are over 800 and counting, including ether, ripple, litecoin, monero, and more. This clear, concise, and accessible guide from two industry insiders shows you how to navigate this brave new blockchain world—and how to invest in these emerging assets to secure your financial future.

Cryptoassets gives you all the tools you need:

* An actionable framework for investigating and valuing cryptoassets

* Portfolio management techniques to maximize returns while managing risk

* Historical context and tips to navigate inevitable bubbles and manias

* Practical guides to exchanges, wallets, capital market vehicles, and ICOs

* Predictions on how blockchain technology may disrupt current portfolios

In addition to offering smart investment strategies, this authoritative resource will help you understand how these assets were created, how they work, and how they are evolving amid the blockchain revolution. The authors define a clear and original cryptoasset taxonomy, composed of cryptocurrencies, cryptocommodities, and cryptotokens, with insights into how each subset is blending technology and markets. You’ll find a variety of methods to invest in these assets, whether through global exchanges that trade 24/7 or initial cryptoasset offerings (ICOs). By sequentially building on the concepts of each prior chapter, the book will provide you with a full understanding of the cryptoasset economy and the opportunities that await the innovative investor.

Cryptoassets represent the future of money and markets. This book is your guide to that future.

Business & Personal Finance
Dave Clark
hr min
October 19

Customer Reviews

dcellnyc ,

Book it OK, but as audiobook, no chapters, just one LOOOONG track

No chapeter or ANY way to know where you are in the audio book.

its just ONE LOOOOONG 10 hour track. No way to tell what chapter you are in, or to jump back to a past chapeter or page.

I should have bought it on another sudiobook site, as here at the apple store is nearly impossible to go back and re-listen to past chapters, or look into something ahead (unless you keep track seperately of the time stamp of each chapter and write it down).

and if you want to skip a chapter, and listen ahead, good luck with that (theres no way to know where your chapter ends, another starts, or any simple way to go back to where you were.

its a shame that they didnt add seperate tracks for each chapter (like every other audio book i have ever bought). clearly this is just a lame rush job, to get the book out in audiobbok form.

I like the info in the actual book, i'm just sad that the audiobook version is so incredibly terrible to deal with.

Dont buy (or at least dont buy it here)

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