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Drizzt Do'Urden has settled in the windswept towns of Icewind Dale. There, he encounters a young barbarian named Wulfgar, captured in a raid and made the ward of a grizzled dwarf name Bruenor. With Drizzt's help, Wulfgar will grow from a feral child to a man with the heart of a dwarf, the instincts of a savage, and the soul of a hero. But it will take even more than that to defeat the demonic power of Crenshininbon, the fabled Crystal Shard.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Victor Bevine
hr min
May 7
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Eilio Tiberius ,

The Beginning

This was my beginning to this amazing characters and his friends. Back when I first read this it was the first book of the series! Later books 1, 2, and 3 came out and I quickly read them too!

This series serves as an excellent entry into the world of fantasy every bit as classic as Tolkien’s works, Leiber’s Fafhrd & Grey Mouser, and Howard’s Conan. It is a must-read for players and fans of Dungeon & Dragons and The Forgotten Realms setting.

27 years ago I opened this book and it propelled me on a path of fantasy literature that continues to this day.

Skmods ,

The Books are good, But Audio is Amazing!!!

I have read the series a while ago and now listening to Victor Bevine tell the tale of R.A.Salvatore's award winning book series of Drizzt Do'Urden is even better, Victor Bevine tells it in a way that actually makes you feel like you are in the story if you close your eyes you are walking with the breathtaking Drow. Any other knock off narrarators found on youtube cannot even compare to the way this Audiobook with Mr. Bevine tells it. Its not just a boring narrarator reading a book its like the old days listening to the stories on the radio!!! check this series out, but start with Homeland!!!

ZenBearV13 ,

A must-have!

The Crystal Shard is the brilliant beginning to a series every fantasy-lover ought to read. Grand action scenes, light-hearted comedy and lovable characters with deep character development are hallmarks of Salvatore's craft.

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