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What if you could become a black belt in only 72 hours?

All he wanted was a steady job....

Chronically underemployed and klutzy video game designer Brian Baldwin takes a temp job at defense contractor Kirkman Enterprises, where he volunteers to be the beta test subject for Cyber Fighter: a revolutionary new artificial-intelligence-powered military training program, designed to fully train recruits in only 72 hours via a virtual reality interface and neuromuscular stimulation network.

As part of the test, Brian is programmed with black belt fighting skills from 47 different martial arts, literally turning him into an overnight expert.

The success of the test intrigues DARPA buyers from the Pentagon, who immediately sense the game-changing applications for military training. The DARPA reps intend to continue the research by finishing the program test with full military training and indoctrination and deploying Brian overseas in a combat role. North Korea...Hong Kong triad crime boss, part-time cloning engineer, and wannabe hip-hop star Lau Xiaoming has been tipped off to this revolutionary software program. He sneaks into Pyongyang and hacks into Kirkman Enterprises' servers to steal the Cyber Fighter technology downloaded to Brian Baldwin's brain to power his ambitious endeavor, Project Starfish - his despotic plan for world domination.

International spy operatives from MI-6 collide with the FBI, Pentagon, and a Triad crime syndicate as Brian Baldwin becomes the most sought-after weapon in human history.

Cyber Fighter is a sci-fi martial arts action adventure with a comedic kick...a satire on the military industrial complex and world politics, with Monty Python-esque absurdist elements peppered into the narrative. If Douglas Adams was mashed with Tom Clancy (much like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup), you'd get the feel of reading Cyber Fighter.

Actor/writer and cyber fighter author William Joseph Hill weaves this story based on his experiences not only working as a temp in the Aerospace industry, but also growing up as a Navy Brat in Hawaii and his lifelong study of martial arts and love for science fiction, kung fu movies, and anime.

This debut novel comes from an original screenplay that William has written and is developing into a feature film. Currently as of 2020, he is working on creating a short film version.

About the author:

William is a film, TV, voice, and stage actor, having appeared in many independent film productions, television shows, reality, and game shows. He lives in Hollywood with his wife and collaborator, the actress Pamela Hill.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
William Joseph Hill
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July 21
William Joseph Hill