Cyber Security: The Beginners Guide to Learning the Basics of Information Security and Modern Cyber Threats (Unabridged‪)‬

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Cyber security is here to stay.

Do you often wonder how cyber security applies to your everyday life, what’s at risk, and how can you specifically lock down your devices and digital trails to ensure you are now “hacked”?

Do you own a business and now becoming aware of how dangerous the cyber threats are to your assets? Would you like to know how to quickly create a cyber security plan for your business, without dealing with any technical jargon?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in cyber security? Did you know that the average starting salary of a cyber security professional ranges from $65,000 to $80,000 and jumps to multiple figures in a few years, depending on how far you want to go.

Here is an interesting statistic, you are already compromised. Yes, at some point, one of your digital devices or activities has been hacked and your information has been sold. If you knew how bad the threats really are, you would never go online again or you would be very paranoid.

And we’re not talking about those ads that suddenly pop up and follow you around everywhere because you were looking at sunglasses for sale on google or Amazon, that’s called retargeting marketing and is totally legal and legitimate.

We’re talking about malware that hides deep in your device watching everything you do and type, just as one example among hundreds

Our society has become saturated with internet-connected devices and trackers everywhere.

From home routers to your mobile phones, most people are easily hacked if targeted. But it gets even deeper than this; technology has advanced now to where most hacks are automated, by software. International hackers have vast networks and computers set up to conduct non-stop scans, pings, and probes for weaknesses in millions of IP addresses and network domains, such as businesses and residential home routers.

Check your router log and you’ll see it yourself. Now most devices have firewalls but still, that is what’s called an persistent threat that is here to stay, it’s growing and we all need to be aware of how to protect ourselves starting today.

In this introductory audiobook, we will cover verified steps and tactics on how to increase the level of cyber security in an organization and as an individual. It sheds light on the potential weak points which are used as infiltration points and gives examples of these breaches. We will also talk about cyber crime in a technologically-dependent world (Think IoT).

Cyber security has come a long way from the days that hacks could only be perpetrated by a handful of individuals, and they were mostly done on the larger firms or government databases. Now, everyone with a mobile device, home system, car infotainment, or any other computing device is a point of weakness for malware or concerted attacks from hackers, real or automated.

We have adopted anti-viruses and several firewalls to help prevent these issues to the point we have become oblivious to the majority of the attacks. The assistance of malware blocking tools allows our computing devices to fight thousands of attacks per day. Interestingly, cyber crime is a very lucrative industry, as has been proven by the constant investment by criminals on public information. It would be wise to pay at least half as much attention to your security.

What are you waiting for, get this audiobook now to get started instantly!

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Gary Westphalen
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October 17
Dana Publishing

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