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Master little-known dark psychology strategies to recognize if somebody is playing games on you!

You must have had a story when you were unconsciously tricked into doing something or became a victim of someone else’s mind games. And the feeling was anything but pleasant. 

Dark psychology is a powerful tool that many use to achieve something they want, especially when it involves any sort of action from others. But only a few of them manage to reveal if it was carefully selected words, tone of voice, or signs of body language.

The worst thing is when this power is used unethically or for the wrong causes. If you decide to follow the instructions this book has to offer, you will be no longer the puppet or the servant of someone else’s manipulation tricks. You will be sensing malicious behavior and manage to protect yourself from the mind trap that has been set for you (Start using it to your gain).

After finishing this book, you will:

Discover what dark psychology tricks manipulators most commonly used to achieve their goals 

Learn how to protect yourself from deceivers and use their weapon against them 

Read suspicious body language signs and avoid being persuaded into unwillingly doing something

Catch on simple yet practical strategies to identify toxic attitude in relationships at work 

Reveal useful EQ 2.0 and NLP methods to control your emotions and never lose your temper

And many other vital topics...

Dark psychology tricks are applied throughout the history of the human race and will continue to be used in life. It’s a skill that you will either acquire and use as a weapon or leave yourself behind, becoming an instrument of other people’s means.

Should you decide to take that leap, there is nothing to lose. You'll gain your freedom from others’ mind webs.

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Science & Nature
Bob Jones, Douglas Powers
hr min
January 20
Benedict Dale