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Dark psychology is a field of study that examines the ability of human beings to engage in persuasion, manipulation, hypnosis, and mind control.

The field of dark psychology represents the ability of human beings to engage in dark practices that hearken to motivations that are poorly understood. Although masters of the dark psychological arts are adept at reading other people, they are also skilled at quickly establishing mind control. 

In Dark Psychology Secrets and the Art of Reading People, listeners will learn how to analyze others the same way that master manipulators do.

Reading people: The ability to determine thoughts, emotions, and other internal characteristics of others is a skill that some experts hone to a high degree. Being able to read people allows you to determine trustworthiness, emotional state, intentions, and even romantic interest.

Although most people engage in reading others to some degree, reading other people accurately is a skill that often slips through our grasp.

In Dark Psychology Secrets and the Art of Reading People, the secrets of dark psychology will be detailed, allowing anyone to read others just as skillfully as the most powerful manipulator.

Although manipulation and mind control are motivations that spur some people to hone their skills at reading others, these skills, once acquired, can be used to understand others with the end goal of forming a friendship or other lasting connection, making a sale, determining romantic interest, or opening the door for persuasion. 

The ability to read others gives you insight into the internal workings of people that most human beings lack, and it is not difficult to see how this can be advantageous.

Studying the secrets of dark psychology represents a Pandora's box of sorts as it opens the door to understanding how human beings can behave with dark motivations. 

Indeed, one of the facts one learns quickly is that the propensity of human beings to seek closeness with and validation from others opens members of the species up to a remarkable degree of manipulation and mind control. 

Listeners of Dark Psychology Secrets and the Art of Reading People will learn how to read people to determine their intentions and trustworthiness, allowing defense from the mind control that others can fall victim to.

Human beings engage in many different forms of communication, and understanding the signals conveyed in human communication is essential not only to reading people but in getting the most out of your interactions with others. 

In Dark Psychology Secrets and the Art of Reading People, all of the major messages conveyed through verbal and nonverbal communication will be explored. Other topics that will be covered include:

Understanding the tricks of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Interpreting body language
How to read people like a pro
How to establish rapport
Recognizing signs of manipulation
How to spot romantic interest
Reading emotion in facial expression
Interpreting interpersonal communication
Proxemics, oculesics, and other elements of body language
The art of persuasion
Secrets from the dark psychology handbook

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Peter Prova
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February 10
Napoleon Austen