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Have you ever wondered why some of the most insidious people on the planet are somehow able to charm everyone to fall for their every whim? 

Think of serial killers like Ted Bundy — he was commonly believed to be a handsome, charismatic young man that was able to quickly and easily win the favor of others almost naturally, and yet behind the scenes, he was a serial rapist and murderer of at least 30 homicides over a four-year period of time.

How did he do it? How was he able to sneak past so many people undetected for so long?

Many of the darkest personality types out there are quite capable of seeming charming and affable, only to be hiding the monster underneath their masks. This is a method they use to prey on other people, victimizing those who dare to fall for their charm. Dark psychology delves into these personality types, studying the underlying motivations for the behaviors at hand. This is not only to understand what to look out for when you are in the real world — when you learn to understand the minds of those with dark personalities, you can begin to claim their own ways of thinking.

In this book, you’ll learn:

What is dark psychology?
The art of persuasion
Psychology of manipulation
The art of manipulation
To analyze people
How to defend yourself from persuasion and manipulation
Mind control
Dark manipulation is all around us.
Toxic relationships and what to do about them
And much more

Dark psychology is a study of people with these dark personalities, but also a study of the tactics that are used, why they work, and how they can be adapted. You can use several of these tactics without becoming abusive or using them in a harmful way.

What if you were able to find ways to come across as charming and persuasive to others, and you used those powers to help yourself and others?

Perhaps you, being charismatic and particularly skilled in influence, were able to become a powerful leader within a company — you could use the powers of dark psychology to keep morale up, keep people motivated, and ensure that others are happy and willing to move forward.

You would be able to always find the perfect way to convince other people to carry on. You would be able to ensure that everyone under your charge was happy to help. You would find yourself running a particularly successful business.

Now, what if you were in sales or politics and convincing people is what you need to do best?

Dark psychology can show you the ways that people are able to slip undetected into the mind of another to plant ideas, convince others to see things your way, and move forward. You could use these skills in advertising or consulting. Despite the root in darkness and evil, dark psychology techniques can be particularly useful, even under the most innocent contexts, and this book seeks to show you exactly how they are able to do that. 

You will learn about manipulation and how to use it to control the minds of others. You will learn to persuade with skill.

Sebastian Flynn
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June 26
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