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Susan Michaels was once the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until a major scandal ruined her life and left her writing stories about alien babies and Elvis sightings. Life as she once knew it is over, or so she thinks until she gets a lead on the biggest story in town: The Seattle Slayer. She heads to the local animal shelter, expecting a tip on the latest rash of killings. Instead, she gets a story about the mayor feeding citizens to a ring of vampires. Yeah, just another day in her life.

Then she gets talked into adopting a cat she's allergic to. Her first thought is to neuter the cat. But when he turns out to be a gorgeous shapeshifting man who claims to be an immortal vampire slayer she thinks: not so fast. Next thought: seek professional help.

Susan doesn't know what to believe, but as she's drawn into a paranormal world, she comes to realize that the story that could bring her credibility is too unbelievable to expose. Now it's no longer a question of bringing the truth to her readers, it's a matter of saving lives and souls, and her only ally is a man she's allergic to.

In the world of the Dark-Hunters, it's always dangerous. But never more so than when one very human woman can shatter their entire world with just one story. The only question is...will she? Dark Side of the Moon is full of Sherrilyn Kenyon's trademark sexy humor and breathtaking imagination.

Maggi-Meg Reed
hr min
May 24
Macmillan Audio

Customer Reviews

hrdguera ,

Good story but not so good abridgement

I really liked this story but I felt the editor that abridged this novel just simply left out some chapters instead of carefully re-crafting the story within a new framework. The story as such ended well and is set up for a sequel. I certainly hope that such sequel is available in a full length version for if it is not I will not purchase it.

luem ,

Pointless to Buy

Anyone who loves Sherrilyn Kenyon's novels will find this audio book frustrating. All the backstory needed for the continuing saga of Acheron for example is cut out. You will still need to buy the book to catch up. Anyone not familiar with Sherrilyn Kenyon's novels will not get much from the story. I think they should outlaw books being abridged, especially in the middle of a story line following many books where they cut out that story line that ties them together!

moeandtom ,

Waiting for Unabridged

I love the Dark Hunter series, but I fell that abridged leaves too much of the story out! I am waiting for the unabridged and hope itunes will make it available soon- til then I am rereading the book again

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