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The true life story of notorious Mafia hitman for the Gotti & Gambino crime family.

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a hit-man? Let alone trying to figure out the influencing factors that led John Alite to live a life of crime. John offers an honest, first-hand, street level, no-holds-bar of his life, starting from a young boy, and then how he moved into organized crime with the Gotti and Gambino crime families.
SC Pike brings John Alite's story to life in such a way, the reader will feel as if they are walking in his very shoes!

A college baseball scholarship was his way out of the inner city, but his dreams of going pro were crushed by an arm injury. John Alite was forced to return home to the only life he knew, where having to live on the streets of New York meant one thing—learning how to survive. He was driven. He was extreme. He was feared. But most of all, he was loyal.

From a young age, he found himself influenced by the wrong crowd. Enticed by the wealth, power, and prestige of the mafia, he immersed himself in a world that was foreign to most. A society where policies were enforced by instilling fear. Honor and loyalty were merely a misnomer. The cold, bitter truth was, he was expendable, and his sworn allegiance was rewarded with betrayal.

On the run and unable to trust anyone, John was finally forced to confront his own demon—himself. Facing the harsh realities of who he was and what he had done wasn't pretty, and he had some serious, life-altering decisions to make. Ones that would come with a price.

Through a life of heartache, betrayal, and loss comes a story of grace, healing, and redemption.

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Joe Barrett
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December 25
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