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Is evolution fact or fancy? Is natural selection an unsupported hypothesis or a confirmed mechanism of evolutionary change?

Darwin’s theory of evolution is accepted by most educated Americans as simple fact, but what if this idea is wrong? What if “evolution” is just a word that covers up scientific ignorance of how the wonders of the living world may have been created?

Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson looks at the case for evolution with a lawyer’s cold, dispassionate eye for logic and proof. What he finds is that scientists have put the cart before the horse: they have prematurely accepted Darwin’s theory and have since been scrambling to back it up, mostly unsuccessfully. As the difficulties piled up, scientists have clung to the theory out of fear of encouraging religious fundamentalism, but in the process, they have turned Darwinism into a religion of its own.

Johnson’s relentless pursuit to follow the evidence wherever it leads remains as relevant today as it has ever been.

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Science & Nature
Frederick Davidson
hr min
November 29
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Customer Reviews

kst3 ,

Darwin on Trial

Finally, someone who can articulate the things I suspected to be true. Mr. Johnson is a dragon slayer and I thank him. People who are open minded are so hard to find. Not anymore. Can you post other writings by him?

Ronbo13 ,

A breathtaking indictment of the logic used in courtrooms

This is a breathtaking indictment of the logic used in courtrooms. Obfuscation and the ability to create shadows in a brilliantly lit room... wanna see some of that? Here ya go. Dig right in. Here, you will find the same reasoning by which jurists are convinced that DNA evidence cannot be trusted. Here, you will find a man who loves a valid argument, but cares little about a sound one. If you don't know the difference between the two, please don't read this book. You'll be less educated after having read it than before. If, you DO understand the difference, it'll just make you mad. I'm in the latter category. Can you tell?

Rushbaby ,

Obviously a right wing bible thumper

Brilliant. This is a very well thought out book with many acredited proffesors as sources. Who better to argue a point than a lawyer.

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