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Do you choke when it comes to facing someone you find attractive? Does dating scare you? Do you cringe at the thought of dating again? Have you not dated in years? Does everyone you consider "hot" seem out of your league?

You need this audiobook!

Up until now, the only way to access this magical process was to take the infrequent courses Kathryn Alice occasionally offers on dating at considerable expense.

This is the first time this sought-after information - proven so effective - has been made available in a concise audiobook format. 

This process is invaluable and will save you hundreds of dollars on online dating and doing unnecessary things to date successfully for your soul mate.

In this long-awaited audiobook by Kathryn Alice on dating, she shows you how to date for your soul mate - very different than the tortuous dating in which most people engage.

This audiobook teaches you how to save years of your life, heartbreak, and drama to date quickly into the arms of the love of your life.

This method will show you how to:

Connect with people you find attractive in a very effective way - no matter how shy you are
Conquer your fears about dating
Turn dating into a whole new ball game
Date effectively to avoid hurt and wasting your time
"Target date" for the love of your life, skipping the detours
Have the time of your life for these, your last single days
Eradicate rejection entirely
Make the next person you date your soul mate

Special subjects include: breaking patterns, online dating, how to connect well no matter how introverted you are, and how to interact with someone hot who is most likely to be your soul mate.

Kathryn's dating classes have resulted in thousands of people breaking their tired, old dating patterns and at long last finding the love of their lives.

The three easy steps outlined here have resulted in even the shyest introvert learning to connect with someone attractive and finding love. This process gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to find, meet, connect with, and date the love of your dreams: your soul mate.

Kathryn Alice, author of the best-seller Love Will Find You, is America's foremost expert on soul mates and spiritual dating. She appears in the 2012 feature film Secrets of Love. She has helped tens of thousands of people attract their soul mates. Her work has appeared in Psychology Today, USA Today, The New York Times, Associated Press, and on Montel, NBC, and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape's crisis support team for six years and teaches in the US, Australia, and South Africa. She has been married for more than a decade to her own soul mate, and they have four boys.

Kathryn Alice
hr min
August 13
Alice Tompkins Company

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