Dax: Arizona Vengeance, Book 4 (Unabridged‪)‬

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The Arizona Vengeance is killing it on the ice. But one player can’t seem to keep his eye on the puck - all thanks to the woman he just married to save her life.

“Find your next hockey hero in Sawyer Bennett’s Arizona Vengeance series.” (New York Times best-selling author Jill Shalvis)

My name is Dax Monahan, and hockey is my passion. And if you want to succeed in this sport you have to bust your ass 24/7. I’ve never had a hard time focusing on my career, but when my past comes knocking, no amount of training can prepare me for what lies on the other side of the door. 

Regan Miles was always like a sister to me. When a shared tragedy brings us face to face after several years, I’m shocked to see just how much she’s changed. Gone is the shy, awkward little girl that always used to chase me and her brother around. Instead, I’m faced with a gorgeous woman who makes it damn hard to concentrate on anything but her. 

Turns out, she’s in trouble, and the only way out is to get married. 

I surprise myself when I tell her to marry me. Order her, actually. And, most shocking of all, she doesn’t even hesitate before saying yes. 

So it’s settled. We’re getting hitched, and she’s moving to Arizona with me. All platonic, of course. 

The catch?

I never knew I’d fall so hard for my best friend’s little sister. 

The Arizona Vengeance series from New York Times best-selling author Sawyer Bennett can be listened to together or separately:


Aiden Snow, Virginia Rose
hr min
July 9
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

Highly emotional

This story hits close to home for me. Although I do not have PNH, I do have a chronic disease that could ultimately kill me if not for high cost treatment. So I get how Regan feels. I get she wants to be normal, be treated normal, have a normal life. But I also get Dax. I get he's worried about her, making sure she's ok and doesn't need anything, and afraid to touch her after her crisis. I so get all of this and I think Ms Bennett portrays it very well. My only disappointment was not seeing Regan have a bad emotional day. She had a bad physical day, but there are also bad emotional days.

I love the relationship Dax has with his sister Willow, but I also love seeing Willow and Regan together. Though not by birth, they truly are sisters. They had fun together and got in trouble together, and definitely tried Dax's patience. Willow helps break Regan out of her shell and be more outgoing and fun.

Aiden Snow and Virginia Rose did a fantastic job with these characters. A little gruff and yet so caring you hear how much Dax cares for Regan. Ms Rose brings two completely different characters to life and you see the fun loving and carefree Willow start to rub off on Regan during their interactions. Then you see the more conservative, buttoned-up Regan when dealing with finding a job, dealing with the insurance company and getting married.

Definitely a great listen. No tears, but for sure some laughs.

easwain ,

You are going to love this story... with a Vengance! 5 Stars! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

You are going to love this story... with a Vengance! 5 Stars! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

Dax & Regan have known each other since birth. So when tragedy happens & Dax sees her for the first time as a woman he is awestruck & goes alpha protective on her. They have sizzling chemistry & a slow burning love. You gotta love those Hockey Players!

This is my first story by Sawyer Bennett and I will be back for more.
Audible Narration was perfectly chosen smooth voices.

Lelim ,

Dax and Regan blew me off the ice

What can I say? Dax!! I have been a fan of this latest hockey series, the Arizona Vengeance by Sawyer Bennett from the very beginning. And in Dax, the 4th book in the series, Ms. Bennett has DEFINITELY kept the awesomeness of the series going.
I WANT A DAX!!! I fell for him from the very first word. After the horrific murder of his best friend, Dax is worried about his little sister, Regan. He has cared about her for most of his life and has thought of her as his own little sister…. Well, maybe not “sister”, you see he has had a bit of a secret crush on her for years. When Dax finds out that Regan is in dire straights due to health issues and lack of insurance, he immediately basically forces Regan into marrying him. In name only. Right?
There is only one problem to Dax’s solution, Regan also has had a secret crush on Dax and cannot figure out how to not have him see her as a little sister. So, Regan reluctantly agrees to Dax’s plan.
OMG!!! The sexual tension!! You can cut it with a knife!!
I really enjoyed seeing some of the other players and their significant others. And Tracker, I CANNOT WAIT TO READ/HEAR HIS STORY.
I loved every word of Regan and Dax’s story. I only have one complaint. In my opinion, it ended too soon. I got so sucked into the story I just wanted MORE!! But you know what, that is the proof of a good book.
The narrators, Aiden Snow, and Virginia Rose totally brought this story to life. I could actually "see" more of the story as I was listening to it. I was gifted with a copy of this audiobook for my listening enjoyment, and I could not wait to tell you about this fabulous story I listened to.
Ms. Bennett, FABULOUS JOB!!! Thank you for sharing your story writing talents with us.
Thank you for reading my review. What are you waiting for? Go hit that purchase button and start listening to this fabulous book. You will not be sorry.

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