Dead Draw: A Perfect Play Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

When a marriage of convenience is the only play left…

Special Agent Emmitt Marshall knows how to:

Wear a cowboy hat.

Hack anything.

Win at chess.

Fall in love with emotionally unavailable men.

He even knows the perfect play to catch the terrorists who killed his mentor.

Special Agent Levi Bishop doesn’t know how to:

Move on after his wife’s death.

Help his grieving son.

Pay off his mountain of debt.

Fix the mess some cowboy cyber agent made of his case.

The same cowboy who proposes a marriage of convenience to stop a common enemy.

Marsh is either the answer to Levi’s prayers—or a handsome nightmare in a Stetson.

Levi doesn’t know.

But both men do know their cases and lives are at a dead draw.

There’s only one play left…

I do.

Layla Reyne returns with an all-new M/M romantic suspense series featuring a cocky hacker with a heart of gold, a widowed father who needs so much help, and a plan only a cowboy could cook up. Grab your hat, hold tight to the reins, beware of the cliffs, and enjoy the ride!

Christian Leatherman
hr min
June 2
Layla Reyne

Customer Reviews

_bookish_kristy_ ,

Good M/M read

Dead Draw was my first book by this author. It was a good read that had lots of potential. Levi and Marsh had an interesting love story that had a good amount of action and drama. I struggled with the third person point of view a bit, but overall I enjoyed the book. Christian Leatherman did a really good job portraying each character in the story.

Charles_BooksOnStereo ,

A Must Listen

Dead Draw is pure perfection. The steam, the chemistry, the romance, the representation is all there in spades. Reyne has hooked me with this couple, and I desperately need the next installment.

Bette H ,

Terrific Story & Listen🎧 Gripping & Heartfelt!

Layla Reyne pens another fabulous multi-genre novel, the story grabbed my attention right from the start and captivated it the entire time. I enjoyed her writing style and the wonderful characters and storylines she created, they are interesting and original, easy to relate to and connect with, the characters are easy to care about too. The world building and character development is fantastic, as are the layers and complexity of the story. Special Agent Levi Bishop is struggling not only with the loss of his wife, but with his grieving son and making it so much worse he is struggling to stay afloat and is close to losing his house and his car. He is busy working on a case that is close to his heart, but a lead in the investigation falls flat and they think they know why, or rather, who was behind it. Special Agent Emmitt Marshall, hacker extraordinaire, wants to catch the terrorists who killed his mentor, and he comes up with a plan that would bring him closer to them and that plan includes asking another agent to pose as his husband. The same agent whose investigation he just screwed up, though his intention was to help and not hinder that operationI adored both lead characters, my heart went out to Levi and what he was going thru and Marsh just came in and stole my heart, a smooth talker with a big heart and personality. He gave Levi an out of his predicament, of course he takes it, but what happens after was not what he was expecting. I loved the chemistry between them and how well they worked together, also loved how Marsh was with David, Levi’s son. Besides the romance storyline, there is the case he is working on, a criminal investigation, and Marsh is involved with that, too. I loved how everything played out in this cleverly plotted story, there is plenty of drama, relationship and crime drama, mystery, action, thrilling suspense, heartfelt emotions and a slow burn romance. The author is not finished with these characters yet, so there is more to come for Levi and Marsh this fall, which I am looking forward to. Layla Reyne, thank you for another fantastic story and emotional rollercoaster ride.

🎧📚🎧 And for the terrific narration, Christian Leatherman is a talented narrator and a versatile voice artist, he gave each character their own voice and personality, making it easy to follow along and tell who is who. His portrayal of the characters was spot on, he took each role, ran with it and made it his own. You could hear how much heart he puts into his work as he captures the character’s emotions and projects them into his performance. Leatherman is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another great listen.