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Through twenty-one novels featuring Lucas Davenport, Kidd, or the razor-edge world of the Night Crew, John Sandford has been writing brilliantly suspenseful, consistently surprising thrillers filled with rich characters and exceptional drama.

But Dead Watch sets a whole new level.

Early morning, Virginia, and a woman is on the run. Her husband, a former U.S. Senator, has been missing for days. Kidnapped? Murdered? She doesn't know, but she thinks she knows who's involved, and why. And that she's next.

Hours later in Washington, D.C., a cell phone rings. The White House chief of staff needs Jacob Winter now. His chief investigator and an Army Intelligence veteran, Winter knows how to move quickly and decisively, but he's never faced a problem like this. The disappearances are bad, but when the blackened body shows up barbed-wired to a tree, Winter knows there is much worse to come. And soon enough, there is. Large forces are at work, determined to do whatever it takes to achieve their ends. Winter will have to use all his resources not only to prevail but also to survive. And so will the nation. . . .

Mysteries & Thrillers
Eric Conger
hr min
April 19
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

newsjunkie88 ,

Interesting change

I think that I've read all of Sandford's work. This is a switch for readers who may be just fans of Lucas Davenport, but I found Jake Winter a solid character as well. Thought that the story moved well and Sandford created an interesting plot. Certainly found it a better read than the Book of Fate or the last John Saul book that I read. What I've always enjoyed about Sandford, the details and the creative thinking involving the characters, it's there in this book.

queenkonk ,

I normally LOVE John Sandford's novels

I normally LOVE John Sandford's novels, but I had to force myself to finish this one. I missed the enthralling, suspenseful, step-by-step tracking of a killer that he usually has. I was very disappointed and bored by all the political intrigue -- leave it for Tom Clancy & company! Bring back Lucas Davenport!! And Kidd!!

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