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Series: Few challenges prove more nettlesome than a change in family business leadership, especially when the family business is murder-for-hire.

The Carrullo Family is in transition: Father-in-law, family patriarch, lead assassin, is giving way to his new son-in-law. Dad has carried forward the artistry he learned from his father. His new son-in-law was a former special forces operator and sniper in the armed forces trained in speed, stealth, and function.

Four generations living in the same household from the oldest, "Nana," to the recent newborns--all of whom are involved in the family business. Some by choice. Some not.

This Book: Logan Bell accepts a contract assassination believing it originates from one of the U.S. organized crime families. Unbeknownst to him, the CIA has coopted the method by which these contracts are communicated, and the order has actually come from the CIA instead. The CIA has ordered the hit as a favor to the U.K.'s famed MI-6. And, if that's not unusual enough, MI-6 undertook

the ask as a favor to a member of the Royal Family.

 When the deed is done, everyone appears to get what he sought. A prominent member of the Royal Family has repaid a debt to an old friend. MI-6 facilitated the request without having to get involved. And, the CIA has demonstrated it can command a highly trained assassin without his being any the wiser.

But what does Logan Bell receive in this bargain while still in London? He's forced to flee London believing the Russian mob wants him dead. Both Logan and his sister escape to the country into the rural Cotswolds hoping to disappear in plain sight. Unfortunately, there are others who have something else in mind for them entirely.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Kevin Rineer
hr min
November 15
Howard Weiner

Customer Reviews

Mattukusa ,

This book causes serious injuries

I feel incredibly cheap complaining about a free product. However I feel as though I have a higher duty to public safety. The story will only cause minor emesis. However the narrator, while enjoyable enough speaking in his native dialect, causes almost immediate hemorrhage from the ears when using what can only be described as a horrific attempt at an English accent.

Sandy Wright 07 ,

If she’s that ...

1. I never got the point of this book.
2. If he’s on a mission that’s life threatening why did he take his sister who is such a novice in the game and such a whiner.
3. I just couldn’t take it anymore I made it 59% and that was pushing it - I just wasted that time when I could have been reading something interesting
4. If Amazon is going to have free books at least make them interesting - what’s the point of using this free option if there’s nothing of value?!!! - Quality over quantity ever hear of that? I love free books just like the next person but I will not waste my time here if this is what they are going to offer.

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