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Is the narcissist the devil's spawn? Is he the real life version of the boogeyman?

It might sound dramatic, but it really isn't.

If dealing with a narcissist is a walk in the park, then it's a park full of broken bottles, rusted nails, a million scorpions with five stingers each, somehow managing to stay alive and sting you on a floor that is lava.

Narcissists abound. The injuries that they cause the rest of us psychologically and emotionally are very real, and have long-lasting, soul-crushing effects. For too long, the narcissist has been able to get away with their heinous acts, since, for the most part, you cannot jail a narcissist for being the way she is. You cannot have the narcissist committed for life because they committed soul murder, or because they caused grave emotional harm. It's sad. The worst thing the narcissist will ever receive is to be exposed. When that happens, they can simply close shop and go set up somewhere else, with fresh, unsuspecting targets to drain. In other words, the narcissist is simply inescapable. That leaves us with only one option: Fight. No more fleeing.

You may have had to put up with a narcissist or several in your family, at work, or at school. The narcissist who makes your life a complete nightmare could be that person sleeping peacefully beside you as you read this; the person you said "I do" to; the person who looks like such a peaceful little angel right now, but is hell in the flesh when she or he wakes up.

You may feel like you can never escape these people. You may have spent day after day agonizing over the way you are. You know you should leave. "Why don't you?" you wonder. It's not because you're crazy. It's because they're crazy. They are incredibly skilled at keeping you tethered to them. They exploit your weaknesses. You know this. You bemoan the fact that you're empathetic. You wish you could be more like them: cold, cruel, calculating. In fact, you've tried more times than you care to count, but every time, the narcissist has you beat at every turn. The narcissist has managed to convince you that your empathy, among your many other virtues, are actually weaknesses. You loathe yourself for this. You loathe the fact that you've somehow managed to waltz into this toxic prison.

In this book, you’ll find:

Recognize the different types of narcissist
How the narcissist chose their target
How he gets in your head
 Strengths and weaknesses: you versus the narcissist
Becoming immune to the narcissist
How to protect yourself with no contact
Traditional and alternative healing and recovery methods

This book will show you that you and you alone have the key. You can set yourself free. All you need is to come to the realization that you have the power. You've always had it. All the things the narcissist would have you loathe about yourself are the things he's secretly afraid of. With this book in your hands, you're going to take back your power. You will finally have the courage to put the key in the lock, turn it, and walk out of the narcissist's life, for good.

If you are ready to put this boogeyman behind you once and for all and start living the life of your dreams, click the "buy now" button and start your journey today!

Krystal Wascher
hr min
March 18

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