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Do you have a cheating spouse? Has counseling failed? Want to get even? Then hire Infidelity Limited...

Olivia Shaw grew up poor on the wrong side of the tracks, but with her thriving real estate business and a solid marriage, her life finally feels stable...until she discovers her husband is cheating. Enraged, her sister offers a solution: Infidelity Limited, a firm that promises to rough up her husband and scare him straight.

Overnight, Olivia's life is upended as she, like all of Infidelity Limited's clients, is drawn into a dark web of blackmail and murder. Now, Olivia is emerging as a prime suspect in her husband's death. As a dogged detective closes in, Olivia has only one option: take down Infidelity Limited before it's too late.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Tanya Eby
hr min
November 15
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

Desperate Measures

Wow! This book was so intense! It delves into the human psyche and paints a picture of just how far man kind will go when faced with devastating news. The characters were ordinary people in life when they first made one horrible decision in the heat of the moment. Once that happened, there was no turning back. Not knowing what the true outcome would be or what would be required of them afterwards, desperate times lead to desperate measures. My heart broke at the end for the guy that killed Olivia's husband. I know it's wrong and he will have to live with it the rest of his life, but sometimes things had to happen to protect something of value in someone's life. This shows that anyone, no matter who, and from all walks of life, is capable of committing horrible and unspeakable acts under the right circumstances. If they would just take a few minutes to set back and really think, they wouldn't choose this path.

The author, as usual, had me gripping the edge of my seat from the very start to finish. I swear it's like riding some big really fast roller coaster. Once you get on and put the seat belt on, there's no stopping to get off until the very end. I listened to this in one day. I am so addicted to Mr Wood's writing. If you like to listen to books, check out the audiobook. The narrator is great. I was worried because I loved the narrator for The One That Got Away, but this one was equally great. You will love the characters. Even the bad guy seemed to still have feelings at the end, in his own twisted way. What he justified as being ok was wrong. Well, I don't want to spoil it. But you gotta read/listen to this!