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Ask the great poker players how they'd play a hand and the answer is always "it depends." That answer can be infuriating. But guess what? It really does depend. The key to becoming a great poker player is in knowing what it depends on. At last there's a book that gives you that answer. Poker is a game of so many variables; table position, flop texture, the number of players in a hand, the personalities of your opponents, and so much more. Decide to Play Great Poker teaches you how to identify and analyze those variables, interchange them within basic game-situation templates, and become knowledgeable, comfortable, and confident in any poker situation. Instead of just dictating a bunch of rules that work only some of the time, this book teaches you to become a great poker thinker and strategist so that you can expertly navigate any poker challenge you encounter. Most players think the goal of poker is to make money. They're wrong! The goal of poker is to make good decisions. Money is simply the way you measure how well you're meeting that objective. So if you're ready to start making world-class decisions at the poker table - and to reap the substantial rewards that those decisions will yield - all you have to do is decide: Decide to Play Great Poker now. You'll never be vexed by "it depends" again.

Sports & Outdoors
Annie Duke
hr min
February 9
Spoken Word Inc.

Customer Reviews

51pegasi ,

Very good and informative but

She talks way too fast, she should have hired a professional speaker, it really ruins this otherwise great book partly. Not only does she talk too fast but she contains too much nervous energy when speaking. For that reason a star less

Jartmiller ,

Listen and Re-Listen

This is my first ever audiobook. The reviews it received conviced me it was a good investment to polish up my game a bit. When I first started listening to it, it had a hard time keeping up with Annie. I don't know if it was bacuase I wasn't used to the format, or if she just delivered the messafe too fast. I have listened to this book many times all the way through, some chapters multiple times. It has plugged some holes in my game that needed plugging. I am greatful for Annie's stratagies and several of her phrases stick with me as I play. It has paid for itself many times over and I recommend it to all players, especially intermediate to advanced.

Unk Vs. Powerman ,

Well done

Other than talking too fast this is a terrific value

I've wasted way more money on one hand with unsuited connectors

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