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Charlie finds herself caught in the city as it degenerates into chaos following an EMP attack.

Charlie, a successful pharmaceutical sales rep, has no background in prepping or survival. Thrust into a do or die situation, she quickly learns that leaders in Washington are working to change the country as she knows it. Her world has become a race to freedom while attempting to avoid capture by the new government's agents. She must do this while trying to escape from a city with millions of residents as food, medicine, and the rule of law all disappear.

Can Charlie and her group learn to survive, or will the lack of knowledge become their fatal flaw?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Duke Fontaine
hr min
January 17
Podium Audio

Customer Reviews

tcmom2 ,


one of the most desturbing , haunting , and frightening books I'v ever read . I could see this group doing this . pleas hury with the next book ,I was so sad to see the end of this one .

_Miggl_ ,

Not to he same level as the Survivalist series.

This book was very difficult to listen to. The narrator in the book (the point of view from which the store was being told, not the audiobook narrator) was always changing around, causing this book to have more of a short-story collection impression. The narrator switching came without warning or tonal differentiation by the audio narrator, so it was really hard to keep perspectives straight.
I regard this book as ancillery backstory to the Survivalist series, and not really a storyline of its own, it just isn't solid enough for that (too much jumping around, week character discovery, etc). In hindsight the price of this audiobook ($30+) wasn't worth it (I would probably value it around $15).

XYZ 47 ,

Can't be the same writer

I read the Survivalist Series and loved every one of them. When I saw a new story I was excited to check it out. Very disappointed. I find it hard to believe Charlie's Requiem was written by the same author. Any character background information was vague. Most of the time it was difficult to figure out who was even talking (thinking). The back and forth in time trying to tie the characters together was annoying and somewhat confusing. The subject of this book is still relevant, but the writing itself just did not connect with me.

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