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Learn how we got the books of the Bible. There were prophets who proved they were from God by performing miracles and making localized predictions with 100 percent accuracy. Their long range predictions were then recorded in the 66 books of the Bible. We can know this for a fact because over 50 of those long range prophecies have come to pass since the nation of Israel was reborn in AD 1948. The ancient church fathers teach the Gnostic gospels were demonically inspired. They contain no prophecy, and their teachings contradict the teachings of the prophetically proven word of God. In some cases, the church fathers record which cults wrote which gnostic books and why they are to be considered heresy. The demonic Gnostic gospels teach reincarnation, that there are multiple gods, and that humans are divine. They teach that the use of sorcery is imperative for salvation. The Bible clearly teaches that there is only one God. We do not have a spark of God in us, nor are we evolving into gods. It also teaches that the use of sorcery is a sin that will damn people to an eternal hell, and that everyone will die only once, physically resurrect, and be judged. The Gnostic gospels are summarized in their own chapters showing why these are truly demonic gospels! Brought to you by Biblefacts Ministries, www.biblefacts.org.

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Jeff Moon
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June 5
Ken Johnson

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recoveringfromtheworld ,

This isn’t the Christ I was taught about.

Ignorance is bliss and is displayed as such. A Gnostic view of the light of God doesn’t represent anything different than the letters in Red. If you want to deem that as demonic, be my guest but you’re also saying Christ is demonic. Or maybe your attempting to bypass the fact that Jesus was also in the flesh. He suffered, was tempted, human qualities that he overcame as the light of God. Claiming that we have a deeper knowledge of God rather than simply the text of the Bible that’s gone through multiple translations (also: written by MEN, not God) shouldn’t be something to fear or oppose. Growth should be embraced, and if you’re trying to simply condemn those seeking growth from within to find a better world, then you are opposing the living father. He didn’t come to condemn, he came to save the world through life in Him and his ways.