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From Douglas Adams, the legendary author of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, comes a wildly inventive novel—in trade paperback for the first time—of ghosts, time travel, and one detective’s mission to save humanity from extinction.

We solve the whole crime
We find the whole person
Phone today for the whole solution to your problem
(Missing cats and messy divorces a specialty)

Douglas Adams, the “master of wacky words and even wackier tales” (Entertainment Weekly) once again boggles the mind with a completely unbelievable story of ghosts, time travel, eccentric computer geniuses, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the end of the world, and—of course—missing cats.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Douglas Adams
hr min
September 1
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

MonsterMo ,

Full Book Please

Please could we get the full version of this book read by Douglas Adams as we have the full version of The Long Dark Tea Time?

tone531 ,

Read the whole book into an audio recorder. Is that so much to ask ?

I have been watching for an alternative to the dramatized, abridged version of this audio book to come out. The cover on the audio book I review here looks like the real, full book's jacket. Alas this is not the complete BOOK. It is abridged. It may be the radio play version, I don't know. What was missing from the other first, dramatized, book that turned up here in iTunes is one of the first scenes that has the electric monk sitting on the horse believing the landscape and everything in it is a uniform shade of pink. I love that scene and it is not in the dramatized audio book but it is in this audio book. YES ! SCORE !

How ever there is a lot of beautiful detail, beautifully funny detail that is, missing in this audio book. What a shame !

The upside is this book is read by the author. The monk on the horse in the desert and Douglas reading it made it worth buying. For me.

My preference is for someone to read the whole damned book into an audio recorder. Is that so much to ask ? Some how they manage it with other books.

Until that time I wait and watch. Focusing the binoculars very slightly, trying to find a detail, a hard edge, a slight contrast in the darkness . . .steady, trying for the edge, trying for the detail . . . for instance details such as the discussion between Richard and the little boy about his jacket, the fact that Reg shook off Richard with little effort, deep searching the waste paper basket and keep searching it. Also the scene with the sectetary and the dictionary is missing. The arguing in the French lady's appartment. All that and more is missing from this version of the audio book. Buy it but "there are wilder skies than these". "Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all" Again a taste of what is missing.

osipovd ,


This version only contains about 50% of the full, unabridged Douglas Adams-narrated unabridged version. It is not advertised as such. Do not buy this version.

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