Dirty Blue: Dirty Justice Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

An oath. A badge. A life. A promise to walk the thin blue line clean. Nowhere in the academy was I prepared for the consequences of falling for the enemy.

Drago Acerbi. I've known his name a long time. You'd have to live under a rock not to know of the heartless and cruel reputation the Acerbi family has established. They are monsters cloaked in suits and ties, or so my colleagues in blue have said. Being on the job, you quickly learn to watch your back, trust no one, and as much as I hate to admit this, sometimes that includes a fellow badge. 

But to want to kill your own child for being born? Now that's monstrous. Unjust. And something I will not stand for. I'll take him down before I allow an innocent to be harmed. 

Even if that means not only taking on the most dangerous family in Southern California, but bringing down the drug lord they're in bed with, too. 

From author N. E. Henderson comes a contemporary, emotionally captivating, and thrilling romantic suspense trilogy. Start Bri and Drago's intense story today! 

This is not a stand-alone, and the saga does not conclude until the third book.

Charley Ongel
hr min
May 3
N. E. Henderson

Customer Reviews

Izzibear ,

“Darkness doesn’t always equate to evil & Light doesn’t always equate to good”

I finished reading Dirty Blue and immediately wanted more. It’s the perfect combination of suspense, action, mystery and romance. The story was well written and moved at a good steady pace. I loved Drago and Bri. I’m glad I decided to give Mrs. Henderson’s book a try.

Drago is a man born into a family known for violent crimes and drug dealings. He is the Eldest son of Vincent Acerbi, a man who’s name is known throughout the country inciting fear in the hearts of some and arousing anger in others.
When his father returned to Italy he left Drago in charge of their operations in America.
Now with his father out of the country a target has been placed upon Drago and it looks as though the police will stop at nothing to take him down. The problem is that things are not always what they seem and sometimes the apple just might fall far from the tree.

Brianna is a detective who finds herself in a sticky situation. She was suppose to just take a statement from a woman and ends up leaving with more than she asked for...a baby to be exact.
Now she’ll have to protect this child and follow her leads to find evidence to bring down the monster(s) who threatens this child’s life.
A case that started one way is quickly evolving into something completely different and Brianna is finding things are not adding up.
When lines are blurred and it’s hard tell who to trust the only thing you can do is follow your gut instincts and hope you come out on top. (4.5⭐️)

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