Dirty Desires: A Devil Kings MC Story (The Devil Kings MC Series, Book 3) (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

A twist of fate threw us together.... 

Gypsy: I’m a Devil King; loyal to no one but my club, until she comes along and tests everything I thought I believed in.

When I do a favor for my imprisoned ex-president’s ol’ lady, I come face to face with the one-night stand that’s haunted me for three years. She pulled a disappearing Cinderella act on me, vanishing with the dawn. I searched high and low for her, and now that I’ve found her - she’s the definition of off-limits. She’s an MC princess - my MC’s princess. And even if her father no longer runs things, she’s still forbidden with a capital F. 

Tell that to my traitorous body that reacts every damn time she gets within sight of me. 

They say no good deed goes unpunished, and I’m learning this golden haired beauty could be the death of me. 

Though our chemistry blazes, every second I spend with her risks the brotherhood we’ve just repaired. 

Tess: I’ve never wanted anything to do with my father’s filthy MC, The Devil Kings. With daddy dearest in prison, my mother is falling apart. Her struggle with anxiety, drugs and money problems drag me back from the independence I crave. She needs my help and my father holds the key - literally. 

But when he insists I get him information on the Devil Kings in exchange, I’m thrust into a world I want no part of. My father may be their ex-president, but I’m still considered an MC princess. 

When my mother pulls in a favor and arranges an escort for me down to the prison, he walks in - a patched member of the Devil Kings MC - and a memory from a one-night stand we had three years ago. 

But there’s a reason I ditched him the next morning; I want nothing to do with men like my father. Gypsy is everything I need to steer clear of - he’s an outlaw, a Devil King, dangerously sexy, and loyal to his club. 

As my mother’s world falls apart, my choice becomes clear. 

But how do I choose between saving her and betraying the man I love?

Ryan West, Virginia Rose
hr min
July 29
Nicole James