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These wide-ranging essays—on various political, economic, cultural, and legal issues—have as a recurring, underlying theme the decline of the values and institutions that have sustained and advanced American society for more than two centuries. This decline has been more than erosion. It has, in many cases, been a deliberate dismantling of American values and institutions by people convinced that their superior wisdom and virtue must override both the traditions of the country and the will of the people.

Whether these essays (originally published as syndicated newspaper columns) are individually about financial bailouts, illegal immigrants, gay marriage, national security, or the Duke University rape case, the underlying concern is about what these very different kinds of things say about the general direction of American society.

This larger and longer-lasting question is whether the particular issues discussed reflect a degeneration or dismantling of the America that we once knew and expected to pass on to our children and grandchildren. There are people convinced that this country’s values, history, laws, traditions, and role in the world are fundamentally wrong and must be changed. Such people will not stop dismantling America unless someone stops them—and the next election may be the last time to do so, before they take the country beyond the point of no return.

Robertson Dean
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August 10
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Customer Reviews

letscorrectfinglonger ,

In contrast to posted opinions

It is darn near impossible to conclude that a book, article, or essay penned by Thomas Sowell advocates for the necessity of govt to be involved in all, or most, of societies actions. Rather, Thomas Sowell always has been a staunch advocate of freer markets and Great economists that came before him like F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, Ludwig Von Mises and his well known friend, and great economist, Walter E. Williams. Any opinion to the contrary of Thomas Sowell being anything other than an advocate for freer markets and reigning in govt is an opinion of someone who has never read his material. You would have to find something from his early to midtwenties to find statism in his views.

MitchellV ,

Different, but good!

A different type of book than his other economic works but every bit as thought provoking and educational as any of his other works. As usual, very well written.

WhoIamisnotimportant ,

Over-opinionated and under-true

This book is one of the worst books I've listened to! This book promotes the idea that nearly everything done by our government (just not "liberals) is necessary while the actions and ideas of the citizens are questionable at best. It's extremely one-sided and not worth the money. I have to give this a star rating but if I had a choice I'd ask for a refund instead.

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