Diving into Love Diving into Love
Audiobook 1 - Starlight Ridge

Diving into Love

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Publisher Description

She already left one fiancé. She didn’t need another.

When Bree Garrett’s former college roommate invites Bree to move to Starlight Ridge, a small tourist town on the Californian coast, she is all too happy to leave the deserts of New Mexico and the memories of her former life. She only has three conditions:

One- No one can find out about her fear of water—totally embarrassing when you live next to the ocean.

Two- No seafood. She can't stomach it. Yeah, she sees the irony of points number one and two.

Three- No blind dates. The last thing she needs is a relationship. Her ex-fiancé would agree.

Easier said than done when the only job available is at a surf shop and the owner, Caleb, is under the impression that Bree has applied to be a scuba instructor, and not a cashier, as she had intended.

Bree tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but it’s hard when she seems to lose her voice—and her breath—every time Caleb is near. How could she not when he happens to be attractive, single and, as it turns out, also doesn't like seafood?

Bree and Caleb struggle against the pull of the tide that seems determined to bring them together. But, despite their differences, maybe this is one battle that is okay to lose.

Claire Duncan
hr min
July 1
KB Press

Customer Reviews

Ballet in AK ,

Clean beach romance

A sweet love story with only enough angst to make it interesting, but not cringe-worthy. The characters don’t play games and are only angsty in their insecurity of possibly feeling more than the other. Both character arcs are believable, as are the character’s decisions.

It had some chuckle-worthy moments and was a truly enjoyable book!

Narrator: 4 stars

Claire Duncan is the narrator and does a very good job. Her expressions are spot-on, her speed of reading isn’t too slow, and she does a believable male voice.

*poor, **ok, ***good, ****very good, *****something special

bnwell ,

Easy to listen to

Cute story, and easy to listen to with a toddler running around. The story was fairly predictable, but still cute.

QwertyuiopAsdfghjklZxcvBnm,.! ,

Loved it!!

I really enjoyed this book. Had just enough humor to make it a really fun read. I love how the author wrote the characters so that I felt I had a connection with them. Can’t wait to read the other books in the series and see what happens with some other characters from the book.

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