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Vincent Bugliosi turns his critical eye on both religious believers and the atheists who reflexively oppose them. Here he indicts both camps, and argues why agnosticism is the most responsible position to take with regard to such eternal questions as the existence of God. Bugliosi examines such developements as the decline of belief in evolution and the disturbing vengefulness of God as depicted in the Old Testament. He also questions that an all-powerful and all-knowing creator would have so badly miscalculated free will, leaving human beings to persecute and murder their fellow human beings. Vincent Bugliosi sets a new course - a middle path that urges us to recognize the limits of what we know, and what we cannot know about the ineffable mysteries of existence.

Religion & Spirituality
Mel Foster
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April 12
Dreamscape Media

Customer Reviews

Bunyon2 ,

Completely Logical

I don't know what the other reviewer was talking about, this book is fantastic. To claim atheists aren't saying there isn't a God or Gods, but, are only saying they don't believe in them is ridiculous. That's a distinction without a difference. You are clearly not bright enough to read this book if you understand that logic.

Also, if you believe strongly in a Christian God or in no God at all, this book is not for you. It will probably anger you and make you feel defensive. It's for people who are open minded about religion. He methodically goes through the Bible and points out inconsistencies and really makes you think hard about everything you've ever been told before.

JeffG64 ,

Loaded with Logical Fallacies

Using logical fallacies in the court room may suite Mr. Bugliosi's purpose there, but they don't work on the audience for this book. Bugliosi commits a strawman argument from the beginning of his discussion about atheism. His whole premise is based on his incorrect idea that atheists claim there is no god, when in reality atheists simply lack a belief in a god or gods.

Bugliosi smacks his strawman around resoundingly; however, he's accomplished nothing.

Other notable logical fallacies that he employs include:

- Appeal to Antiquity
- Appeal to Popularity
- Argument from ignorance.

If you're looking for a book to improve your understanding of the arguments of theists or atheists, this is not you book.

ungulate ,

Is This a Joke?

While the author points out logical fallacies committed by some proponents of differing positions (theist and "atheist" alike), he is guilty of a number of fallacies of his own, as pointed out by other reviewers. Indeed, many of his criticisms of of non-theist/deist positions (e.g., "atheism," Darwinism) are so flimsy that one hopes he only included them to create the illusion of balanced treatment. For example, he admits his lack of understanding of Darwinian selection, and then goes on to make a set of elaborate arguments from ignorance. I really had to stop listening though during a monumental tangent about a cat he used to own. It was so ridiculous I could almost hear him giggling behind the words "tee hee, you paid money for this book!" On top of these problems, the narrator is a major annoyance. Not only does he use the irritating tone of a teenager throughout, he attempts accents when quoting passages from non-Americans. This is the first audio book I have bought that I simply had to stop early because I genuinely felt it was adding nothing to my life, and only wasting my time.

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