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If anyone tells you that there is a way to repair your credit and delete all negative items in just 30 days, don’t walk away, but run away. Remember if it is too good to be true, it probably is, right?

There is a set procedure that all big three credit reporting agencies follow, and that procedure has a time frame, which is longer than 30 days, I can assure you that much. I have been working in the credit industry for last 28 years, and I have heard, seen, tried and done it all. But don’t get me wrong. There is a rather simple process that anyone can follow and see an amazing result along with a huge boost in their credit score. Though it is not a yearlong process, but it is more than 30 days. Depending on your credit analysis, it may take you anywhere from 60-120 days to see some real results. The process I outlined in this book is 100 percent legal, within the federal fair credit laws, and the results are exactly what you get if you hire an expensive attorney.

In this book, that is exactly what I teach you. I help you understand the process, the inner workings of all three agencies, and their SOP (standard operating procedure). I take you step-by-step, guiding you from the recognition of errors and inaccuracies. You’ll be surprised at what constitutes an error. I walk you through the dispute process of items on your report, advising you of your rights and responsibilities.

The way this simple process works is first, you analyze your credit report, identifying the errors, inaccuracies, misinformation, and all other negative items. Next, you follow the simple dispute process which can be done either online or via a letter sent by US mail. Once you are done with these two steps, next, you follow-up with them to make sure those disputes are removed from your report. I attached all the letters that you can just copy and put your name and other information and send them.

Next, I tell you how you can boost your credit score right now - without waiting for the completion of the process, which can actually take place simultaneously as you wait for those negative items to disappear.

But what good does it do if you repair your credit but don’t change your fundamental relationship to money or financial obligations? You will end up right where you started and in need of another lengthy process of credit repair again.

I am sure we all have a love-hate affair with money and credit. I think it is vital to understand the nuts and bolts of the credit industry, especially the role of the credit bureaus and how to analyze the five basic categories of your credit report. Finally, I will teach you how these categories are weighted in order to create your score, so you can achieve the dream score you always wanted. This is a credit repair book for everyone.

Tony Acland
hr min
October 5
River Of Lakes Publishing Press