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Intercepting a distress call, the TARDIS is drawn to a Shinto shrine in medieval Japan, where the Doctor and Amy are met by village elder Shijô Sada. He explains that the ogre-like mannequins surrounding the holy site are harmless guardians, called Otoroshi. At the heart of the temple is an ancient jade pyramid, so sacred that only the monks may look at it. But the Shogun, the ruler of Japan, wants to possess the pyramid and has ordered seven samurai and a band of soldiers to come to Kokan and seize it. Whilst the Doctor is tracked by a ninja assassin, Amy discovers what happens to trespassers at the shrine. Soon the secrets of the jade pyramid - and the towering Otoroshi - will be known... Written specially for audio by Martin Day, The Jade Pyramid is read by Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor in the acclaimed hit series from BBC Television.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Matt Smith
hr min
January 1
BBC Audio

Customer Reviews

satchicosu ,

entertaining but a bit confusing

i have mixed feelings about this. i love doctor who and the lovely matt smith, and was overjoyed to find an audiobook that he was narrating. i was also a bit intrigued about this particular story because i am japanese. however, this is where the mixed feelings come in. the story was good, exciting, and the author tried to add in traditional japanese elements along with the doctor who universe. but even though i love matt to death, i couldn't help but laugh throughout the story at his appalling japanese pronunciation. also, one of the characters, nasu, is portrayed as a serious character, but the first translation i think of when i hear "nasu" is "eggplant". so that also sort of ruined some of the intended seriousness for me.

overall, i thought this was a very good story and quite worth the 10 bucks for it, short, sweet, exciting, and keeping to the doctor who universe. i just wish they had told mattie how to pronounce the japanese words because even though i speak japanese, sometimes i couldn't understand what word he was trying to say for the life of me.

Boston Bee ,

Too short

$10 seems like a lot for one hour of audio. The other Doctor Who audiobooks have run about 2.5 hours.

profsmrfld ,


Short but sweet. Matt Smith does such a great job narrating. He even throws in a touch of an accent for Amy. I enjoyed it.

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