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Limited-time special: Special bonus inside! That's right... For a limited time you can download a free audiobook version of Timmie Guzzmann's Dog Jerk Joke Book with your purchase of Dogs Are Just Really Big Jerks! You and your kids will laugh out loud at funny sound effects of Jerky Dogs and funny Dog Pee Jerk Jokes. That's twice the fun! This is a great book if you are looking at a funny rhyming books for children, funny dog poems for kids, hilarious dog stories for kids, or rhyming books for children with humorous dog cartoon illustrations.

Dog lovers will laugh out loud at the jerkiness of their furry friends with these curious and humorous dog poems and rhymes. In this hilarious book of tongue-twisting and rhyming poetry, Timmie watches dogs while they think nobody watches them and unlocks the poet in him. Powered by his creative potential Timmie Guzzmann, the author of Dogs Are Just Really Big Jerks! explains the jerky and weird behavior and of these egocentric dogs. The poems collected in the book perfectly capture the inner workings of the jerk dog psyche. The book includes funny, hilarious, and whimsical illustrations that reveal doggys at their jerkiest moments. Timmie opens the window of truth to shed light onto the most humorous and most daring jerk moments lived by these fickle, perky, and pesky egomaniacs as they are going on about their day in a truly jerky way. Timmie exposes true jerk personality and exposes some secrets that have never been told before. Timmie takes a very refreshing approach (and you will laugh out loud!) and tells his rhyming story that is chock full of jerk personality, a jerkiness that really is out of this world (ootwjr AKA out of this world jerk reality!) Let yourself be wowed and dive into a totally new genre of cat jerkiness because you won't believe how these jerks are acting when they think nobody is watching them...

Kids & Young Adults
Steve Ryan
hr min
October 13
Inge Baum