Dombey and Son (Unabridged) Dombey and Son (Unabridged)

Dombey and Son (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Dombey and Son is a novel with the full title
Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son: Wholesale, Retail and for Exportation by Charles Dickens.

First published in monthly parts between October 1846 and April 1848, it tells the story of Paul Dombey a heartless London merchant who runs his domestic affairs as he runs his business. In his daily life there is no room for dealing with emotions because emotion has no market value. In his son he sees the future of his firm and the continuation of his name, while he neglects his affectionate daughter, until he decides to get rid of her beloved, a lowly clerk. But Dombey's weakness is his pride, and he falls prey to the treacherous flattery of others.

Combining an intricate plot, vivid language, and Dickens's customary social commentary, this is another classic from the master novelist.

Charles Dickens (1812 - 9 June 1870) is arguably the greatest novelist England ever produced.

Please note: This is a vintage recording. The audio quality may not be up to modern day standards.

John Richmond
hr min
July 23

Customer Reviews

Netto64 ,

Dombey and Son

Dombey and Son is pure Dickens, with his standard cast of upper-class villians pitted against the comic good souls beneath them. Richmond's narration is excellent, giving this book a real Victorian feel.

080890ah ,

Not good luck with this audiobook

I sincerely have enjoyed many Dickens novels on audio but this recording was very frustrating. It had errors at times, sometime repeating as much as an hour of the reading previously done. Also, perhaps since it is older, there are not natural chapter breaks so you can easily find your place again. The narrarator reads from one chapter into the next and the breaks aren't logical. This one was very hard to get through. It may be more worthhile to pay extra and get a more recent recording that is organized by chapters.

Shaolin Ninja ,

Good book, good reading

Although I find Dickens to be a boor and a bore, at times, this book is pretty good for a Dickens novel. It avoids the didacticism of HARD TIMES, in part, and captures one of the best characters Dickens ever created: Captain Cuttles. Nevertheless, it's typical Dickens--morally bankrupt businessman who makes a bundle, but lacks people skills. This is somehow to blame on his buisness acumen, while crappy businessmen like Uncle Saul reap the benefits of family life through a broken family that functions on community principles. I don't disagree with the message, but Dickens seems to have a warped economic perspective. It's no wonder the Marxians love him.

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