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I once saw a video of a cuckoldress preparing for her date. Her husband was wearing a chastity device, which seems to have become popular with the more dominant wives in a cuckold marriage these days. The cuckoldress makes her husband prepare her bath and she has him bathe her. While he is bathing her, she is talking about how she is going to have fun with her lover that night. Her cuckold husband gets excited, but can't get an erection because of the device she has locked on him. The physical and mental torture was very exciting to him and he was getting aroused by the minute as she continued to talk about all the things she and her lover were going to do to each other. She went body part by part telling him how hard she was going to play. As her cuckold husband shaves her legs and then her toy box area, she talks about how smooth her toy box is and that she loves the fact that her husband is preparing her toy box for her lover to enjoy. She taunts her husband about him not being able to enjoy and savor her freshly cleaned toy box, that he will only be able to enjoy it after her lover has used her well. Once her cuckold husband dries her off, he lotions up her body, lightly sprays her with expensive perfume that she only bought to wear for her lover. He then, piece by piece, dresses his wife. First her panties, then her bra, then her stockings and garter. He then helps her with her make-up and adds her lipstick. Next he puts on her sexy dress that she had specially picked out for her lover that night. The husband zips her up and adds her jewelry; necklace, earrings and a bracelet. Last, he puts on her shoes as she sits at the foot of their bed. He latches her strap on high heels. She then stands up, looks herself over in the mirror and approves of how sexy she looks for her lover. Her cuckold husband agrees of how beautiful she is. She then walks out the front door, then turns and tells him not to wait up for her, but in all reality, that is exactly what he is going to do.

Candy Kross
hr min
April 28
Vincent Stead

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