Don't Laugh Challenge Thanksgiving Edition: The Funniest, Turkey Stuffing, Laugh Out Loud Jokes, One Liners, Riddles, Brain Teasers, Knock-Knock Jokes, Fun Facts, Would You Rather, Trick Questions, Tongue Twisters, and Trivia! The Best Joke Book for Ages

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    • $17.99

Publisher Description

Ready to gobble up hilarious jokes and riddles that will knock the stuffing out of you? 

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving dinner for the turkey, the stuffing...and the conversations at the dinner table.

Instead of arguing about football teams or getting into serious debates, keep the mood light with fun trivia and challenging riddles for the whole family.

The best part of Thanksgiving is the chance to be together with the people you care about and share big laughs and good times.

There's plenty to learn about Thanksgiving, and these funky facts will have kids and adults alike learning new things about the history and traditions of Turkey Day. If you think you know all there is to know, you ain't seen stuffing yet....

When you think you've told all the jokes and laughed all the laughs, keep the energy going with the Tricky Question and Tongue Twister games that will entertain even the grumpiest of grandpas.

In Don't Laugh Challenge - Thanksgiving Edition, you will discover:

Thanksgiving themed jokes and facts that your child will love telling again and again 
Fun and entertainment for kids and adults that will have your child learning while they laugh 
Brain teasers, games, and riddles that the entire family can play at the dinner table, in the car, or anywhere you can bring a book 
Child-appropriate material so even the youngest family members can join in on the hilarity 
Unique conversation starters that are guaranteed to get the whole table talking

And much more.

Having a fun and hilarious Thanksgiving shouldn't require a seat at the kids' table, and now it doesn't have to!

Share the positivity with everybody this holiday season.

This Thanksgiving, eat, drink, and be cran-merry with these hilarious jokes and questions. Scroll up and click the “buy” button right now - it doesn't get butter than this!

Kids & Young Adults
Leanne Bennet
hr min
February 13
BCO Publishing