Don't Mind if "I Do" Don't Mind if "I Do"

Don't Mind if "I Do‪"‬

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Publisher Description

It’s not every day the woman who broke your heart asks to be your wife.

Life is good. I’m single. I’m an emergency room doctor. And according to my hookups, I’m hot AF.

Then she walks back into my life.

I haven’t seen Mazzy Pembrooke since the night she betrayed me. So when she comes into my work asking me to make good on a childhood pact and marry her, I’m speechless.

She’s the last woman I’d want to marry—even if it’s pretend and with a definitive end date.

But after I find myself in a sticky situation at work, marrying Mazzy might just benefit me too.

Once we’re living as husband and wife under the same roof though, I struggle to remember that I hate this woman and the fake marriage doesn’t feel so fake anymore.

Don’t Mind if “I Do” is a fake marriage, friends to enemies to lovers rom-com loaded with laughs. No cheating. HEA.

Teddy Hamilton
hr min
April 2
Piper Rayne Inc.

Customer Reviews

teriann81 ,

Don’t Mind If I Do!

Don't Mind if I Do by Everly Ashton is a cute friends to enemies to lovers rom-com that had me on a surprising emotional rollercoaster.
Don't Mind if I Do, follows the story of Nick and Mazzy who grew up in the social circle as best friends, when a few turn of events leaves them, enemies, will they be able to make this fake marriage work?

Ava Erickson and Teddy Hamilton are fantastic together! They both played into these characters so well.

Overall I thought this was an adorable book, so freaking cute. This was my first Everly Ashton book and I will definitely be listening to more!

Francin2012 ,

5 A Second Chance Neither Thought they Wanted Stars!!

This is my first audiobook by this author, but I’m very familiar with their writing as it’s a pen name for one of my favorite writing duos, Piper Rayne. I love a great second chance romance and Mazzy and Nick have quite the history with each other a very emotional and devastating heartbreak in their past so it’s quite the shock when they both find themselves in situations that require them coming together again.

I loved this story so much. There’s so much tension between Nick and Mazzy along with a lot of attitude being thrown around which made me want to slap someone upside their heads! Teddy Hamilton and Ava Erickson have done a wonderful job of bringing this book to life. They were truly able to embody Nick and Mazzy and all the feels that go along with their story.

Listening to their story evolve and change as things came to light which allowed them both to possibly open their hearts to the love that neither have forgotten was truly a fabulous listening experience. Especially when some secrets are revealed that resulted so many questions for one of our characters. This story moves a great pace and when these two finally give into their sizzling chemistry, holy moly they’re HOT!!!

I felt so many emotions while listening to this book! I laughed, there was a little heartache from some disappointment by a character and I swooned!! I’m definitely going to be reading/listening to more this duo’s books!

mamagalindo ,

Fun and entertaining

This is a fun and fantastic rom com. There is a little bit of everything in Don’t Mind If I Do - second chance, marriage of convenience, humor, angst and an overall great read/listen.

Nick and Mazzini have a past and there are some big, angry feeling from their previous relationship. They both need a favor and decide to help each other out - their banter, fussing and overall interactions are very entertaining.

Mazzy is a sweet, caring and fiercely protective woman who want to help others…even at her own expense.

Nick is an ER doctor who has himself in a bit of a situation and needs to up his professional game.

These two bring out the best/worst in each other with their sass and banter. This is a really fun and entertaining story and the audiobook is fantastic!

Teddy Hamilton and Ava Erickson do an outstanding job with the audio. I love the emotion and personality they bring to each of the characters!

I received a complimentary copy and I am leaving my honest review.

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