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Welcome to Hedgewitch Cove, Louisiana, where there's no such thing as normal. 

Cat-shifter Curt Warrick doesn't want to take a road trip with five other guys, but when his best friend leaves him no choice, he finds himself in a van, stuffed full of men, headed to Louisiana. It should come as no surprise when everything that could go wrong on the trip does. That's okay though, Curt is used to the weird and wacky; after all, he was born and raised in a town that is the epitome of it all. There is a bright side. The trip will give him a chance to expand his enterprise. 

There is nothing Missi (Mississippi) Peugeot hates more than rich men who think they can throw money around to get what they want. Okay, that's a lie. She hates change. That's why she's happy to stay in her tiny hometown of Hedgewitch Cove, Louisiana. Protected by magic, the town has kept its quaint, cozy feel - that is until a flashy, yet fetching, stranger shows up in a van that screams "flower power", announcing he's looking to buy property and begin developing the town. Missi's grandmother always warned her that her words had consequences. When she speaks out of anger, the magic in her rises to the challenge, putting a curse on Curt. Not that the man needed any help in the cursed department, seeing as how he already has a spell of chaos cast over him. By whom, they don't know. 

Now, Missi just has to keep Mr. Flashy alive long enough to get him back up North where he belongs before her words come back to haunt him. There is only one slight hiccup with her plan: Every second she tries to keep mishap from befalling Curt leaves her one step closer to wanting him to stay.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
B.J. Harrison
hr min
November 29
Raven Happy Hour

Customer Reviews

veteran Rising ,

Ready for a road trip

Ohh, I love it! A new town, a new cast of characters, some of our favorites from Everlasting, and a twist on a curse no one ever saw coming. The author created this phenomenal sister city to Everlasting, and as hard as it is to believe, it might be a little whackier. The townspeople are their own brand of special, but no matter their squabble they pull together when needed. Curt was everything I hoped he would be now that he’s the leading man, and his main squeeze is a strong feisty woman who won’t let him forget it. Now if only I could have a hot, pirate in a towel pop into my kitchen.... This book is full of the humor and excitement that this author is famous for with the mysterious air she brings to her cozy romances. I look forward to reading more about this city and the town of Everlasting in the future.

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