Don't Touch the Blue Stuff!: Where the Hell is Tesla?, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Something called the “Blue Juice" is coming. For all of us. 

Luckily, me (Chip Collins), Pete, Nikola Tesla, Bobo, and FBI Agent Gina Phillips are here to kick its ass, and send it back to last Tuesday. Maybe. Or maybe we'll fail, and everyone in the multiverse is doomed. (Seriously, you might want to get that underground bunker ready.) Either way, I've got to get home to Julie and find out – woah, I'm not about to tell you that right here in the book description! TMI, dude. 

WARNING: If you haven't heard Where the Hell is Tesla?, I apologize in advance, as you might get completely freaking lost. If you do, just call my apartment, I'm usually around, and I'll fill you in. (If I'm not stuck in the ITA.) – Chip 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Rob Dircks
hr min
September 8
Goldfinch Publishing

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an amusing and unexpectedly crazy ride

Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! is the second novel in the series called Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dircks. After saving the multiverse in Where the Hell is Tesla?, Chip Collins is rudely interrupted during his wedding to once again enter the Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus, designed by Nicola Tesla himself, to interact with the infinite multiple universes. Chip is accompanied by the no-nonsense FBI agent, Gina Phillips. Chip’s friend, Pete, is in danger and soon it becomes clear that Pete has been taken by something called the Blue Juice, which threatens everyone in the multiverse. Once again, Chip must his skills, resources, charm, and luck working together with Tesla, Gina, the alien creature Bobo, and more to try to save the multiverse, and Pete, one more time.

This is a perfect and hilarious follow-up to Where the Hell is Tesla? I highly recommend reading the first novel before this second novel, simply because it’s a richer experience. There is a sum up of the first novel in this novel, however, just in case. As with the first novel in the series, it is written as emails from Chip to his now-wife, Julie. I personally like this storytelling style as everything is not only from the perspective of Chip, but the reader gets Chip’s amusing commentary and reactions. Mixed in there with the humor is real emotion, vulnerability, and philosophy. This is not a novel that takes itself too seriously, but there is a real take-home message. The story also moves along at a fast pace with a lot of action and the email style is not a hindrance. All of the characters are interesting and are hilarious when interacting with Chip and his antics. Once again, there are multiple versions of the characters in the various dimensions and seeing the differences and similarities between is fun and also highly entertaining from Chip's perspective. I particularly enjoyed the time Chip spends in a different dimension impersonating himself. Overall, it was an amusing and unexpectedly crazy ride that was ultimately a heartwarming story underneath the absurdity.

The narration by Rob Dircks is perfect for the characters and the style of the book. He’s not the best with accents; the Indian accent was particularly Apu-esque. However, overall, he really captures the characters well. The production quality was good. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes light and entertaining science fiction stories.

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