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Addicted to your phone? Keep reading.

The great trap of the modern world is our dependence and overreliance on short smartphone binge-watching Netflix, claims sources. That's putting it lightly. People are "hooked" is the better word to describe it. I'm sure you're thinking, "Well, what's wrong with that? Everyone is!"

As a rule, the more reliant you are on short-term sources of pleasure, the worse your life is. It takes your focus and drive. Natural motivation gets weaker and weaker. The reason for this is the biggest driving force in the universe - dopamine. Everything we do in life is driven by this, including when we are hooked on our phones on Netflix.

We lose something - our natural abilities, motivation, discipline, and willpower. If you've ever tried and failed to stick to a diet or an exercise program, I can tell you why we crave dopamine - the novelty, the newness of something the new diet is executing. But as the weeks pass by, this same scenario plays out through people's lives. They start something new, then quickly, when it grows boring, they never get anywhere, and they remain stuck.

There is a solution. Dopamine fast, which I don't regard as beneficial but instead essential to making any changes in your life. What if you quit any short-term sources of pleasure? It's not about what you do, but what you don't do. It resets your mind, so you make massive changes in your life without distractions.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

How dopamine controls every aspect of our lives
Why when motivation is destroyed the rest of our lives are affected
Why life gets bad enough to change
How to increase focus and clarity
How to do a dopamine fast and what to do during it
How to deal with urges and not slip
What is a new way of living forever

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V. Passmore
hr min
June 26

Customer Reviews

joe stewart ,

I wouldn’t recommend this

I was excited to learn more about the idea of dopamine fasting, something that I have previously read about, but this book doesn’t rely on any research, science, studies or otherwise, and the content is very basic.

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