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Publisher Description

Melody Proust is in love with her boss, his inhuman good looks and irresistible sex appeal making it hard for her to do her job. Black dragon Kol Magnus has no interest in his sweet, blonde personal assistant. But Melody is too dear a bonded human to foist off on just any other dragon. He needs one who is worthy of mating a human woman as special as Melody.  

Melody doesn't even know dragons exist, but she knows there's something special about the pair of men to whose "employ" her boss transfers her. The gorgeous, aloof Skye intrigues her, her interest piqued after the most confoundingly erotic interview of her life. Skye's sweet, blond assistant, Garen, is every bit as enticing as his boss. He's even more inhumanly gorgeous and just as hungry for what Melody has to offer. And she's supposed to work for these two?   

Within the first week, everything goes south when she finds herself falling for both elusive men and their otherworldly charms. In spite of the unconventionally intimate position she now holds, Melody never considered the possibility of love. She rejected romance for most of her life because love was her enemy. Love left her mother wanting and left Melody unwilling to risk her heart lest she be forced to endure the same pain.  

The realization that she has to choose between two men she loves beyond all understanding sends her running scared. She refuses to choose, but the only other option is to lose them both and risk even worse heartbreak without ever learning what they really are. Will she follow her heart or lose it all?  

Garen and Skye chase her, too consumed by love to do anything but compromise for Melody's sake. Despite loving each other for centuries, the pair of dragon shifters forsake their own complicated romance in Melody’s favor, because two dragons are forbidden from sharing a single human mate, but Melody is the one who is burdened with the final choice.  

Once in their embrace, Melody makes her choice - the choice fate intended all along.

JF Harding, Ava Lucas
hr min
November 30
Animus Press