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This is the story of a grand scientific quest: the quest for a unifying theory of nature—one that can explain forces as different as the cohesion inside the atom and the gravitational tug between the sun and the earth. Writing with dazzling elegance and clarity, Nobel Prize–winning physicist Steven Weinberg retraces the steps that have led modern scientists from relativity theory and quantum mechanics to the notion of superstrings and the idea that our universe may coexist with others. Along the way, he voices the questions that are always present: Why does each explanation of the way nature works point to other, deeper explanations? Why are the best theories not only logical but beautiful? And what implications will a final theory have for our philosophy and religious faith?

Intellectually daring, rich in anecdote and aphorism, Dreams of a Final Theory launches us into a new cosmos and helps us make sense of what we find there.

Science & Nature
Stuart Langton
hr min
April 14
Blackstone Audio

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chmc ,

The Best Written Popular Physics Book

This books deals with a specific subject - the pursuit and dream of the final theory. It is the matter of personal interest whether this topic may be interesting to the reader. But if it is, I found Steven Weinberg the be the best popular physics writer that I ever read or listened to, and I love popular physics. I am continuously impressed with the clearly with which is conveys his ideas, while managing to keep the book exciting and engaging. I highly recommend this book for its content, and writing style.

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