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In New York Times best-selling author Marie Force’s dazzling historical romance debut, the clock is ticking for a wealthy duke who must marry by his 30th birthday - or lose his title....

Derek Eagan, the dashing Duke of Westwood, is well aware of his looming deadline. But weary of tiresome debutantes, he seeks a respite at his country home in Essex - and encounters a man digging on his property. Except he’s not a man. He’s a very lovely woman. Who suddenly faints at his feet. 

Catherine McCabe’s disdain for the aristocracy has already led her to flee an arranged marriage with a boorish viscount. The last thing she wants is to be waylaid in a duke’s home. Yet, she is compelled to stay by the handsome, thoughtful man who introduces himself as the Duke’s estate manager. 

Derek realizes two things immediately: he is captivated by her delicate beauty, and to figure out what she was up to, Catherine must not know he is the Duke. But as they fall passionately in love, Derek’s lie spins out of control. Will their bond survive his deception, not to mention the scorned viscount’s pursuit? Most important, can Catherine fall in love all over again - this time with the Duke?

Anais Inara Chase, Shane East
hr min
January 29
HTJB, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Kicknit318!dad ,

Disturbing to listen to

I get that this is set historically in a different time where things were perceived different than now. Even so portions of this audiobook were extremely uncomfortable to listen to. Spoilers....listening to the Duke vagrantly dismiss a firm “no” from his supposed love to stop forcibly groping her, and blaming his dismissal of this very resounding NO on his fear of loosing her forever was a bit enraging. I couldn’t listen on knowing full well the direction the author was heading, leading us down the missive female bending to her lovers forced caress because he was just so sexually stimulated and in love. I’ve ready many romances and non were as uncomfortable as what I’ve listened to here. I’m surprised given the recent release date of this book that something like this would be published.

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