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It is both interesting and inspirational to hear of the great lengths that an individual has gone to achieve success. This is the reason many flock to motivational seminars and conferences. It is the reason we listen to speeches and read autobiographies and biographies of people we consider great. Their stories provide the inspiration we desperately needed and the opportunity to learn or relearn the way to success.

Dwayne Johnson: An Extraordinary Life provides the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest men of our time - Dwayne  "The Rock" Johnson. It evaluates his background, educational path, career choices, and life choices that have gotten him to where he is.

Undeniably, Dwayne’s story is one that many can relate to. Despite the fact that he is the son of a wrestling champion, Dwayne had a rather unstable childhood marred with instability from constantly moving from one state to the next (he has lived in 38 states) to bouts of severe poverty that included evictions and repossessions.

From the bottom, he has gone on to achieve a level of success that only a select few get to experience. He is one of the best wrestlers to have ever lived and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Dwayne also has one of the largest social media following. It took incredible strength, decisiveness, and hard work that turned Dwayne’s situation around.

To that end, the author hopes that listening about Dwayne and his unbelievable story will allow you to appreciate the journey the star has taken to get to where he is. By taking notice of the struggle and hard work, you will learn how to overcome setbacks and challenges just like Dwayne did.

Inside this audiobook, you will find:


An elaborate explanation of the life of Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling family background
A detailed description of Dwayne Johnson’s educational path
A step-by-step description of Dwayne Johnson’s career path, from football to wrestling and into acting
Reasons why Dwayne Johnson is such a fan favorite
The clearest description of the setbacks and failures that rocked "The Rock"
A comprehensive list of fun facts you did not know about Dwayne Johnson
A large collection of Dwayne Johnson’s quotes about how to achieve success in life

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David Margittai
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June 17
Rob Farrington