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By chance, are you in that stage in your marriage when you start to doubt your partner truly loving you for who you are? Or perhaps, you feel the need to build a deep emotional intimacy in your relationship? 

Truth is, all of us want to avoid conflicts, experience deep affection, and be filled with pride when we talk of our relationship or marriage with others.  Thus, everyone yearns for the most loving and joyful relationship as possible.  

Now, that is what this book is all about!  

This book can serve as a practical guide to get positive results in efforts of maintaining or reconnecting to emotional intimacy, deep love, and trust via communication skills. Especially penned for couples, this guide has useful tips, practices, and methods that you can use to improve your relationship in JUST A WEEK. 

It is not hard. You do not need ages to make your relationship better. The secret is never giving up. By trying the tips and strategies in this book, you will see the difference in a week.  

What you'll learn:

How to Save the Relationship Before It Is Too Late
Practical Exercise to Try With Your Partner to Improve Communication
Have That Difficult Conversation: How to Find the Best Solution of Any Problem for Both of You.
The Art of Persuasion and Solving Conflicts
7-Day Action Plan to Improve Your Relationship in a Week

After completing the 7-Day Action Plan, you will get the outcomes you want, such as emotional intimacy, deep love, and trust with your spouse.

With the consistent execution of the 7-Day Action Plan, you may be starting to foster empathy and gratitude into your heart and your relationship. With such values, you can tackle any so-called difficult conversation, solve conflicts, and clear out misunderstandings, if not totally prevent them. You can easily distinguish the fine line between persuasion and manipulation, as well as value negotiation.

No relationship stays without a random problem, but there are ways to overcome these challenges with some concerted hard work from you and your spouse. And the finest way to start is by listening to this book, doing the exercises and the action plan.  

At the end of the day, keeping up a loving bond of any kind can provide any person a sense of purpose and comfort.... And for this reason, I strongly urge you to listen to this book starting today!

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Ashton Haugen
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March 6
Sophie Irvine