Elijah’s Journey Storybook 2, The Mysterious Tree

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Publisher Description

Have you wondered or even felt incapable of explaining the Bible to kids? Sometimes it feels frustrating and confusing teaching children about the greatest book in history, leaving parents and even pastors trying to find resources to assist them. Elijah’s Journey is a resource developed out of similar experiences. The series does not replace the Bible but becomes a memorable teaching aid that brings readers of all ages together to share in a fun experience that connects directly to the Bible and the Bible’s overall message of the gospel. Each book in the series contains reading questions that create discussion and discovery.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Follow Elijah from book 1 as he escapes the librarian Ms. Luci into the special room’s two bookshelves and chased by a roaring lion in the epic adventure to find his missing grandparents! Elijah enters the unknown world to discover a historic castle and meets a unique butler at the front gate. Are the grandparents in the castle? Will the castle butler help Elijah? Does the lion continue to chase him? Will Elijah survive the frantic search?

Further learn how the Elijah’s Journey Storybook Series is connected to the Bible on MrNateBooks.com/ElijahSeries. The website provides help with answering reading questions and how each book explains the 66 books of the Bible. Most importantly, learn what the greatest part of the Bible is and how that relates to every book of the Bible.

Train up children in this great reading adventure that will last generations! Help them enjoy learning about the greatest book in history. Read like sitting around a campfire telling the memorable story that will intrigue them for a lifetime. Let them discover the unknown world that will impact their hearts and lives forever.

Kids & Young Adults
Stephen Knowles
hr min
January 1
TGJS Publishing